Worley awarded construction contract for BHP’s Jansen Potash Mine Stage 1

Worley has been awarded the construction contract for BHP’s Jansen Potash Mine Stage 1 project in Saskatchewan, Canada. At full capacity the Jansen project is set to be one of the world’s largest potash mines. And is anticipated to help address the global growing demands for potash over the next decade.

The ore produced from the project is expected to start operations in late 2026, with a production capacity of 4.35 million tons of potash annually. Worley’s scope for Stage 1 of the Jansen project involves the fabrication, modularisation and field construction programs of the underground mine, potash processing facility, storage facility and continuous automated rail loading system. This includes 486 pre-assembled units ranging from pipe rack modules, process modules, and stair towers.

This will be the first modular building approach for a potash mill building, with the final pre-assembled unit to be completed by December 2024. The field scope will begin in April 2024 and be completed in September 2025. Worley will also be responsible for the concrete, structural steel, piping, equipment installation, electrical and instrumentation work, and commissioning of the dry mill and screening areas.

As part of the project, it has also established a partnership with the George Gordan First Nations. “This will provide socio-economic benefits to the George Gordon First Nations, including promoting Indigenous cultural awareness within the community. We’ll also provide training and mentoring to George Gordon First Nations through direct hire opportunities and affiliated company opportunities to participate in various scopes of work.”

The project has also been set up with a focus on sustainability and will operate with lower greenhouse gas emissions and freshwater consumption per ton of product compared with other potash mines in the region.

“Fertilisers play a critical role in ensuring global food security, as their absence would impede billions of individuals from accessing vital nourishment,” says Martin Clutterbuck, VP of Worley Canada Construction. “We’re pleased to be able to support BHP to deliver this project using our local construction capabilities, while meeting their social value and sustainability goals.”