Worley and BluVein announce MOU on BluVein’s dynamic charging technology for mining electrification

Worley, a leading global provider of professional services in the energy, chemicals, and resources sectors, and BluVein, the leader in next-generation dynamic charging for mining electrification, have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding on a new collaboration aiming to accelerate the deployment of BluVein’s patented universal dynamic charging technology, paving the way for electrification solutions suitable for surface and underground mines globally.

Worley and BluVein say they will facilitate faster decarbonisation in mining operations, addressing the industry’s urgent need for sustainable practices. Recognising the challenges miners face in their electrification journey, the partnership “offers a streamlined and integrated path for mining companies that wish to integrate BluVein into their mining operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition from diesel fuel for heavy haul fleet to clean green energy.”

“We are excited to partner with BluVein, a step-change solution that accelerates electrification in mining heavy haulage. BluVein’s technology offers an agnostic approach to decarbonising mining operations, delivering miners a flexible and cost-effective solution for their BEV dynamic charging requirements. With Worley’s global project delivery capability and expertise in carbon reduction, we will provide a complete solution for miners worldwide,” said Martin Boulton, Worley’s Vice President of Mine Automation and Electrification.

With Worley’s global presence and expertise, BluVein says its technology is poised for seamless integration in mines worldwide. This MOU ensures that mining operations, irrespective of location, can benefit from a state-of-the-art electrification solution. By leveraging the combined strengths of both companies, the partnership aims to deliver electrification solutions that are both cutting-edge and cost-effective.

The collaboration also underscores the importance of standardisation, ensuring that miners globally, benefit from a common and high-quality electrification system. “BluVein is proud to partner with Worley, a world leader in project delivery, energy systems and resources. We are confident that combining our innovative technology with Worley’s renowned technical expertise and global reach will allow us to successfully integrate our world-class technology into mines worldwide,” said James Oliver, BluVein’s Managing Director. 

BluVein will also be featured in the speaker line up for The Electric Mine 2024 conference coming up at the Crown Perth, May 21-23. On Day 3, May 23, in the underground stream, James Oliver will present ‘BluVein1: Electrifying underground mining’ and he will be joined on-stage by two mining company members of the BluVein 1 consortium, namely South32 and Northern Star Resources. The BluVein XL solution for open pit mining fleets will also be a major discussion point during the event. There is still time to register – head to www.theelectricmine.com