BluVein, South32, Northern Star speakers to take to The Electric Mine 2024 stage

BluVein, an innovator in dynamic charging solutions for the mining industry, has announced its participation at the upcoming The Electric Mine 2024 conference, in Perth, Western Australia.

The event, set to take place at Crown Perth, from May 21-23, will feature a key presentation from BluVein highlighting the potential and progress of its ground-breaking technology in underground mining electrification.

BluVein’s presentation, ‘Advanced dynamic charging − The missing jigsaw piece in underground mining electrification,’ will delve into the transformative potential of dynamic charging technology. This innovative approach to transferring power to battery-electric vehicles, regardless of its source, via a safe slotted rail and OEM-agnostic onboard power transfer aims to eliminate miner’s reliance on diesel underground, reduce operational costs, and significantly improve the sustainability and productivity of underground mining operations, BluVein says.

In a talk on May 23 at 3:05 pm, James Oliver, CEO of BluVein, Gavin Mann, Principal Mining Technology at South32, and David Trembath, Group Mining Engineer – Underground at Northern Star Resources Limited, will come together on stage.

Oliver is set to provide an overview of the strategic vision and technological advancements behind BluVein’s dynamic charging solutions for underground mines. Mann will discuss the practical applications and anticipated benefits of electrification and dynamic energy transfer in underground mining operations, focusing on capital costs and planning associated with implementing dynamic charging. Trembath, will share insights into diesel particulate exposure for workers underground and key factors safety regulators will likely consider when assessing technology such as dynamic charging and electrification in underground mining.

Key highlights of the presentation include:

  • BluVein’s development progress: An update on the development of BluVein’s technology, including real-world trials currently underway at the BluVein Proving Ground;
  • Economic and environmental benefits: Analysis of how BluVein’s dynamic charging systems can lead to cost savings, enhanced productivity and a reduced carbon footprint;
  • Innovative features: Exploration of the safety, flexibility and efficiency of BluVein’s OEM-agnostic technology, designed to integrate seamlessly with existing mining equipment and renewable energy sources; and
  • Future prospects: Insights into ongoing negotiations for TRL7 pilot studies in underground mines across Australia, aimed at advancing BluVein technology towards full-scale deployment.

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