Master Drilling orders 6.5 m diameter TBM for mining from China’s CRCHI

Master Drilling, the global mechanised rock excavation specialist, says it has again shows a commitment to advancing technology within the mining industry by placing an order for a powerful 6.5 m-diameter second-generation Mobile Tunnel Borer with China’s China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation Ltd (CRCHI), which is a world leader in the supply of Tunnel Boring Machines or TBMs. CRCHI is based in the National Economic & Technical Development Zone, Changsha, Hunan Province.

It says this tunnel boring technology is specifically suited for the mining industry and its strenuous requirements. This enables miners to reach underground orebodies safer, faster, at lower cost, with higher quality, and with shorter lead times. Master Drilling adds: “The system addresses industry-specific requirements such as tunnelling of declines in hard rock, tight turning radiuses, shorter setup, and clear periods, dealing with gas and water intersections, simultaneous rock support, meeting strict statutory requirements, and much more.”