Engineering and procurement win for Worley at South32’s Hermosa

Worley has been awarded a contract to provide detailed engineering and procurement services for the underground infrastructure and the surface non-process facilities of the zinc-lead-silver Taylor deposit at South32’s Hermosa project in Arizona.

Under this contract, Worley will support the design and procurement of underground mechanical and electrical infrastructure for excavation, power distribution, and dewatering, along with maintenance and ore handling systems.

It will also integrate ventilation, shaft transport, and communication infrastructure for the underground operations, as well as the design for the surface non-process facilities.

The project team will be based in Phoenix, Arizona but Worley says it will also draw on other mining experts from around the world to help South32 and its other partners to ensure safety in design and timely execution of the project.

The Hermosa project targets 75% less water usage compared to other mines in the region. It will also incorporate automation and advanced technologies to further reduce CO2 emissions associated with the mine.

“This is our first project with South32 in North America, underlining our dedication to the US mining sector while helping provide minerals that are essential for the energy transition,” said Tom Foster, President US Operations and Worley Consulting.

“Collaborating with South32, we’ll work to enable a data-centric, ‘digital asset’ approach, ensuring seamless updates, operations, maintenance, and future expansions throughout the mine’s lifecycle. This innovative approach will be underpinned by our expertise in project delivery, both underground and at the surface. We look forward to working alongside South32 and other project partners to deliver this critical project.”