Zero Nexus secures funding to lead collaborative education on BEV fleet adoption in mining

Zero Nexus Inc, a research company in sustainable mining solutions, has announced the launch of the ‘Electric Vehicles in Mining Operations (EVMO)’ project, another step towards the electrification of the mining industry. This initiative is funded by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) through the education and awareness project funding – clean transportation and clean fuels call for proposals, with additional investment from the Mining Innovation Commercialisation Accelerator (MICA) and collaboration from leading mining entities.

The EVMO project is designed to understand and provide awareness around the challenges that may hinder the widespread adoption of fleets of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in mining operations. To accomplish this, Zero Nexus and the project partners aim to foster a deeper understanding of challenges and solutions to facilitate the transition to BEV fleets within the sector through a comprehensive approach that includes stakeholder engagement, research, and on-site evaluations.

Zero Nexus Inc adds that it is proud to have industry leaders from New Gold Inc, Agnico Eagle Mines, Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (a Glencore company), and NRCan-CanmetMINING, along with a representative from MICA, forming the project’s steering committee. This committee will guide the initiative towards comprehensive and relevant outcomes to address the industry’s needs as mine operators prepare to transition to BEV fleets.

MICA’s involvement includes enhancing the project’s visibility, networking within the mining sector, and facilitating early access to findings and best practices. MICA Network Director Chamirai Charles Nyabeze believes that “the future of underground mining is electric and that this project will accelerate the BEV transition.” This collaboration underscores the commitment of all parties to drive innovation and sustainability in mining through the adoption of clean technologies.

The EVMO project represents an opportunity to accelerate the journey towards sustainable mining operations. By addressing the technical, organisational, and knowledge barriers to BEV adoption at the fleet scale, Zero Nexus Inc says it and its partners are laying the groundwork for a cleaner, more efficient future in mining.

“We appreciate the support and openness of our project partners, who are providing valuable access to their operations.” said Edward Fagan, Associate Partner at Zero Nexus. “We’re at a significant juncture for underground Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), with some of the first global mining operations transitioning to full electric, many of which are in Canada and participating in this project. By conducting this project across multiple organisations at the same time, we aim to gather and disseminate key insights on adopting a BEV fleet effectively. These insights, meant to assist not just the participating companies but the broader mining community, will be made available through the support of NRCan. This collaborative effort and the willingness to share knowledge and experience among the steering committee members are crucial for our collective success.”