IHC Mining to build specialised floating pontoon for Arab Potash Company

IHC Mining says it has secured a new contract to build and supply a salt harvester for Arab Potash Company (APC), with this specialised floating pontoon to be used for harvesting carnallite (potassium salt) in the Dead Sea in Jordan.

This machine will be equipped with four tracks, with the track suspension and steering system optimised for reliability and easy maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime for the client, IHC says. In addition, the salt harvester will be fully electric, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint and allowing APC to operate in a more sustainable way.

It will be equipped with a 2.1-km-long floating pipeline for efficient salt transportation. It will also include a day accommodation with an operator cabin and a sunroof covering the full length of the harvester.

“This project symbolises the culmination of Royal IHC’s expertise, with a cross-functional team collaborating to deliver this ground-breaking new product, specifically tailored for APC,” IHC said.