NRW Holdings participating in Caterpillar’s Pathways to Sustainability program

Finding a technology pathway to decarbonisation is just as important for mining contractors as it is for owner operators. Major mining and resources sector services provider NRW Holdings says it is committed to contributing to a sustainable future through active engagement in innovation and progressive industry practices.

It is one the first large mining contractors to participate in Caterpillar Inc.’s Pathways to Sustainability program, designed to foster industry learning opportunities to support the energy transition. NRW said its participation in this program will ensure it remains at the forefront of industry knowledge, allowing it to better support its clients, and its own people, to drive changes towards a better future.

NRW Holdings CEO Jules Pemberton

IM spoke to NRW Holdings CEO Jules Pemberton who stated: “At NRW, our dedication to a sustainable future drives us to actively engage in innovation and industry best practices. We recognise that achieving a lower carbon footprint in the mining industry requires collaboration across the board, including between OEM fleet manufacturers, mine owners, and mining contractors. Last year, we signed on to participate in Caterpillar’s Pathways to Sustainability program. Participation in this important program provides NRW with access to resources and information that are essential to ensuring our business remains at the forefront of industry knowledge with regards to fleet electrification. This allows us to better support our clients, and our people, in driving positive changes towards a better future.”

He added: “For a diversified services provider like ours, this opportunity is especially critical. We are aware that Tier 1 mine owners are soon to be trialling large Caterpillar battery-electric haul truck technology in the Pilbara to evaluate its performance and productivity. These trials will significantly impact the people, processes, infrastructure and technology requirements associated with fleet ownership, operation and maintenance. Participation in Caterpillar’s program ensures that contracting organisations like NRW are equipped with the necessary information to position ourselves for success in a changing market landscape, ensuring our viability across traditional mining services in the long term.”

In terms of mobile mining fleets, NRW Holdings includes NRW Civil & Mining which is one of the leading contractors in the Australian resources and infrastructure sectors. It grew significantly via the acquisition of BGC Contracting in 2019.

NRW Holdings also owns Queensland-based Golding, whose mining division delivers a full range of open cut mining services to the coal and metalliferous mining sectors. This spans from site establishment, through topsoil removal, drill and blast, excavator/truck and dragline waste removal, and coal and ore mining, coal processing and mine site rehabilitation works.

In addition, NRW Holdings also offers a comprehensive original equipment manufacturer capability, providing refurbishment and rebuild services for earthmoving equipment and machinery via AES Equipment Solutions.