Metso Truck Body deployed on Volvo A60H ADT for Volvo Days 2024

At the recent Volvo Days 2024 event that ran from late May at its Eskilstuna, Sweden Customer Center, Volvo CE demonstrated its ambition to lead in sustainability and productivity by presenting pioneering launches and a fresh solutions-based approach – enabling sustainable change for customers in both regulated and less regulated markets.

One of the interesting technology developments on display was a 55 t class Volvo A60H articulated dump truck (ADT) fitted with a Metso Truck Body (MTB). The Metso MTB is a lightweight truck body that combines the best qualities of high-strength steel and rubber. Designed to be lighter yet tougher, it is optimal for hard rock and heavy-duty applications. To date it has been installed on rigid dump trucks so its use for an ADT was a major step for the solution into the smaller mining, quarrying and mining contractor market.

Metso told IM that the objective when developing the A60H for Volvo was to produce a heavy-duty truck body with a dual focus: maximum payload and safety while ensuring sustainability and longevity. The result is a lightweight body with rounded corners and rubber lining.

Key features of the MTB include an increased payload. Carrying additional volume per haul, the Metso Truck Body enhances efficiency by reducing the total number of rounds required, reducing the carbon footprint.​ The rubber lining also provides a significantly longer lifetime, ensuring prolonged performance and durability even in the most demanding environments.

Metso adds that the innovative design also makes the body lighter than traditional ones, leading to reduced energy consumption per haul and a corresponding decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.​ Its rubber lining is designed to last up to 20,000 hours, significantly lowering the frequency of maintenance needed, reducing environmental impact from repair operations and spare parts manufacturing.​ In terms of risk, Metso also argues that the use of rubber lining minimises hot work and significantly reduces the risk to staff, resulting in an 88.67% reduction in exposure.

Finally, the rounded corners and rubber lining drastically diminish material carryback, ensuring a higher payload per haul. Plus a possible decrease in noise pollution by up to 25 dBA contributes to a healthier work environment and lessens the impact on local wildlife.​ Notably, the human ear perceives a 10 dBA reduction as effectively halving the noise level.

Metso adds that the Volvo A60H can be customised with Metso’s specially designed accessories and configurations, optimising efficiency. This includes choices in from rubber linings, each meticulously engineered to address specific wear and impact conditions unique to the operation. The ‘eyebrows’ and side rock protections shield against the challenges posed by loading and hauling operations.

Modular panels, designed for resilience and convenience, facilitate easy maintenance and allow for swift replacement. Durable mud flaps keep dirt away, safeguarding the truck and reducing the need for cleaning. A robust tailgate, specifically designed for the Metso haul truck body and Volvo A60H, improves material retention and minimises spillage.