Loop: a drilling solutions company looking to tackle emissions

Talisman Technical and Mitchell Services Limited have partnered up to launch Loop, a drilling solutions company looking to tackle emissions from fugitive gases and recycle waste through coal mine methane reuse.

Loop forges 50 years of surface and underground drilling specialist experience with contemporary operational expertise, the company says.

“We provide strategic decarbonisation services, emissions reduction pathways and solution prioritisation, as well as completing the end to end services by reducing emissions from fugitive gases and facilitating the recycling of waste by reusing coal mine methane,” it added. “We pride ourselves in an innovative approach to circular economy on the ground, providing experience and trusted operational solutions.”

The Loop decarbonisation rig (pictured above) and its innovative drilling methodology is the result of decades of drilling intellectual property, open-cut and underground drilling technology and mining experience to deliver a proven and safe technological solution that changes the game for operators.

Mitchell Services is a leading provider of drilling services to the global exploration, mining and energy industries. Its fleet is currently positioned in key exploration and mining centres throughout Australia. It is also the largest provider of underground gas drainage and directional drilling services in Australia.

Talisman Technical, meanwhile, focuses on providing solutions for the resources sector, including ESG, decarbonisation, safety and critical control management, reservoir engineering and mining advisory. Its approach involves understanding the challenges faced by clients and offering industry-leading solutions to support their journey towards a sustainable future.