Tru-Trac to present next-gen belt rip detection system at Electra Mining Africa

As a leader in solutions for conveyor belt misalignment, Tru-Trac says it will excite visitors at Electra Mining Africa this year with a whole new range of belt trackers among its innovative offerings. The latest range is the outcome of two years of design, development and testing, according to Tru-Trac Chief Operating Officer, Shaun Blumberg.

The stand also features Tru-Trac’s range of belt scales, engineered for precision and dependability, and a step into the future with a cutting edge belt rip detection system, it says.

“With our belt trackers setting the gold standard for effective belt alignment, the new range builds on the success of its predecessors, elevating them to an entirely new level of performance,” Blumberg says. “We’ve introduced exciting enhancements to our belt trackers, bringing notable improvements in performance and reliability.”

Tru-Trac has built a name for itself over the past three decades, extending its footprint and sales not only across Africa but worldwide, the company says. Blumberg highlights that Electra Mining Africa is another valuable opportunity to meet face to face with visitors from many African countries where Tru-Trac still has further potential to contribute to efficient and productive mining operations through improved conveyor system performance.

“We are excited to present our extensive range of conveyor components at our stand, offering a complete view of our innovative solutions,” he says. “Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the design and functionality that contribute to our products’ success globally.”

A real draw for visitors will be Tru-Trac’s investment in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, specifically the integration of digital solutions to facilitate predictive maintenance through real-time monitoring of equipment.

“The mining sector is increasingly turning to IoT to refine data collection and analytics, enhancing overall efficiency,” Blumberg says. “Our IoT-enabled conveyor solutions offer predictive and preventative maintenance, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.”

Demonstrating this commitment will be at least two product offerings on show at Electra Mining Africa: the company’s range of belt scales and a revolutionary new belt rip detection system that, the company says, promises to be a real disruptor in the sector.

“Our belt scales have seen considerable success since their launch two years ago,” Blumberg says. “These are critical components in any bulk materials handling operation, providing both accurate and repeatable data on throughput and production.”

Working with specialist design engineers, Tru-Trac says it has achieved a best-in-class product range which now also boasts a digital reporting platform that allows remote monitoring and reporting. Response from customers in the field has been enthusiastic, according to Blumberg, and considerable interest is expected at Electra Mining Africa.

“Tru-Trac Rip Prevent+, our next-generation belt rip detection system, is set to impress and generate strong interest,” he continues. “This is a disruptive solution which we are launching in Africa with our partners, SHG of Germany. Using artificial intelligence to monitor power consumption for anomalies, this technology gives early warnings of potential belt rips, enabling operators to react swiftly and prevent damage.”

Electra Mining Africa is due to run from September 2-6 at the Expo Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. International Mining is a media sponsor of the event.