EXPONOR 2024 – eyes of the world were again on the Antofagasta region

The Antofagasta Region was – once again – a global focal point of the mining industry, as it hosted the twentieth edition of EXPONOR, organised by the Antofagasta Industrial Association, AIA, and which was attended by IM where we carried out interviews with some major mining technology suppliers and mining companies. Juan Duran at the AIA recently reported back to us on the event big picture, highlighting some of the standout statistics and comments from keynote speakers.

Positioned among the five most important mining, technology and energy exhibitions in Latin America, EXPONOR opened its doors June 3-6, bringing together 1,146 exhibitors from 32 countries and various regions in Chile, along with 47,000 visitors.

The EXPONOR 2024 inauguration ceremony 

“Once again, the Antofagasta Region is positioned in the eyes of the world through its solid mining industry, which marks the heart of our territory through EXPONOR, a melting pot that will help lead the development of the industry in the coming years,” said Marko Razmilic, AIA President, during the opening ceremony.

EXPONOR, a biennial technical and on-site exhibition, is not only an opportunity to create new business, but also to be at the forefront of the industry with seminars, technical talks and visits to mine sites. These last two activities are opportunities for on-site learning about the mining operations in the territory and the technologies used in the sector.

“With over one thousand one hundred exhibiting companies, over two thousand business roundtables, 32 participating countries, talks and seminars, EXPONOR is consolidated as an internationally renowned exhibition held here, in the mining heart of our country, which cannot be said of other exhibitions of this type in the rest of the world,” said Aurora Williams, Minister of Mining.

Consolidated as an international reference for the presentation of new technologies in mining, energy, industry and sustainability, EXPONOR is a crucial platform for connecting companies from various countries, facilitating the exchange of information, creating new business and commercial strengthening for large, medium and small companies.

Aurora Williams, Chile Minister of Mining

Todd Mercer, the Australian Ambassador to Chile, says that the exhibition provides a robust space for connection, to grow the industry. “EXPONOR provides an exceptional opportunity for companies from various services in the mining and energy industry to strengthen their international relations, boosting cooperation and global growth.”

In this edition, EXPONOR stood out for being a platform for the industry, supplier companies, authorities, academia and innovators to meet and discuss key issues: gender equality, community relations, cutting-edge technology, combating climate change, mining 4.0, artificial intelligence, and carbon neutrality, among others.

“EXPONOR also offers talks and seminars that discuss issues relevant to the development of the country, the region and our society, which gives another facet to this exhibition: sitting down together, talking and providing solutions to the needs that afflict us as a society,” said Ricardo Díaz, Regional Governor.

“The Antofagasta Region has become a centre of unprecedented growth for renewable energy; it has the necessary resources to become an international reference in the field, copper, lithium, even green hydrogen will position the region in the eye of the world and we see this reflected in EXPONOR,” added Diego Pardow, Minister of Energy.

The exhibition also generated opportunities for large industry and supplier companies to connect, with over 2,800 business roundtables held and another 500 organised together with ProChile, where cutting-edge companies from Peru, Canada, Brazil and Mexico, among others, had the opportunity to learn about the services and products offered by Chilean companies.

“EXPONOR is very important for driving the growth of large, medium and small-scale mining. But mining is not the sole focus, we can see innovation, transport and energy participating in this exhibition. For our country to grow, all industries should participate, and EXPONOR provides a showcase for that springboard in our country,” said Nicolás Grau, Minister of Economy.

Brazil was the guest of honour in this edition, consolidating its position as a strategic commercial ally of Chile. The presence of Brazil provided the opportunity for robust connection with Chilean industry, fostering new links and future business that boost bilateral growth. “Chile and Brazil have a solid commercial alliance that grows every year; for us it has been an honour to be the first Latin American country to be a guest of honour at EXPONOR, which reflects the importance of strengthening bilateral ties in support of the growth and development of both nations,” said Paulo Pacheco, Brazilian Ambassador to Chile.

From a nascent EXPOIN in 1985, with 65 exhibitors, the exhibition has grown steadily, and today as EXPONOR, this platform has become an international showcase for the region and the country. Each edition represents a unique challenge and growth opportunity, positioning the Antofagasta Region as the stage for the most important mining and technological exhibition in the world.

In two years, Canada, one of the five main mining countries in the world, will be the guest of honour at EXPONOR; expectations are high and there is no doubt that Chilean companies and companies from all over the world will have the opportunity in Antofagasta to expand their business horizons on an international scale. See you at EXPONOR 2026!

Chile is also set to host International Mining Events‘ Electric Mine 2025 conference, being held May 13-15 at Centro Parque in Las Condes, Santiago.