REMA TIP TOP reinforcing conveyor partner status in African mining sector

REMA TIP TOP says it is strengthening its market position in the African mining sector through the provision of tailored solutions and 360° services on site to ensure cost-efficient and smooth operations.

The company has played a key role in the African conveyor technology market for more than 100 years, it says. In 2023, the company launched a new calendar line, allowing for the manufacturing of extra-wide conveyor belting for heavy surface and underground mining applications.

REMA TIP TOP’s specialised teams bring a deep understanding of the business and of the challenges mining companies face across African countries and communities, the company says. In addition, they bring expertise and experience to find the best solution for each individual challenge.

To meet the ever evolving needs of the mining industry, REMA TIP TOP’s research and development division is constantly working on cutting-edge innovations such as low-rolling resistance, low abrasion loss, oil resistance, heat resistance and full fire retardancy with one of the lowest abrasion losses in the industry. It also continues to develop and improve its rubber compounds to increase the durability and robustness of their conveyor belts.

“With our local high-volume manufacturing power and ground-breaking innovations, we are further strengthening our position as a reliable partner to the African mining industry,” Nico Prinsloo, Chief Executive Officer of REMA TIP TOP South Africa & African Group, says.

Rooted in Africa, REMA TIP TOP develops and produces high-quality conveyor technology locally under the Dunlop Industrial Products and Dunlop Belting Products brands. The company is operating throughout Africa with 12 local outlets, and is thus able to deliver very quickly and in large quantities wherever needed. Sophisticated logistics ensure products and services to be delivered to remote destinations on time by road or sea. To ensure the highest availability of their proven solutions, REMA TIP TOP has invested heavily in the expansion and modernisation of the South African manufacturing capacities.

A new, state-of-the-art calendar system contributes to a massive increase in production power and distribution speed. It also enables innovations such as the extra-wide conveyor belting to be manufactured quickly and reliably on demand.

REMA TIP TOP says it is constantly working on new solutions for the African mining industry to make conveyor systems more cost-efficient and reliable. Groundbreaking product innovations enable the company to reliably meet new requirements and tap into new markets. The latest expansion include a new state of the art calender line, five new press lines, three new mixing lines giving REMA TIP TOP South Africa a total of eight calender lines, 14 press lines and seven rubber compound mixers.

In addition to high-quality hardware, the company says it has also been driving the digitisation of the mining industry, with data-driven maintenance an essential part of REMA TIP TOP’s on-site service. State-of-the-art software supports predictive maintenance and helps to minimise unplanned, costly downtimes of conveyor systems in mining.

Prinsloo added: “What makes REMA TIP TOP a preferred partner to the African mining industry is the speed and flexibility we offer, as well as our commitment to provide our customers with exactly the solution they need for smooth operations anytime, anywhere.”