For over 70 years, Bel-Ray® products have proven their value, setting the highest standards of quality and performance. A leader in lubrication technology, our company has engineered products to protect, while delivering superior business value for applications in aerospace, automotive, energy, food, marine, military, mining, motorcycle, OEM, powersports, steel, textile and other industries served by our Powersports, Industrial and Mining Divisions.

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Bel-Ray® Synthetic Gear Oil 680 for high horsepower off-road mine haulage

Latest lube technology for electric wheel motor planetary gears in mine haulage units

Bel-Ray lubricant formulations have taken advantage of the latest technological advancements in lubrication and additive technology to provide cutting-edge solutions throughout the mining industry.

Today’s mining leaders need large payload and increased production from their haulage units and have, in turn, forced OEM electric traction motors used in mining and rail haulage equipment to operate at or above design parameters. High dynamic loads, extreme heat and increased speeds exemplify the need for high performing, shear-stable synthetic lubricants that provide essential long-life asset protection and optimal total cost of ownership. Bel-Ray’s 680 Synthetic Gear Oil provides that very solution.

Recent test results indicate excellent oil stability and protection at well over 4,800 operating hours, resulting in exceptional performance with notable residual oil life. The trial included increased drain intervals for the wheel motor planetary gear sets and, in turn, resulted in additional run time during the year, reduced lubricant usage. It also helped facilitate responsible waste stream and carbon footprint management. Used oil analysis data, at 4,813 operating hours, indicated wear particulate elements remained well below threshold limit (ASTM 5185), a total acid number with minimal change (ASTM D664), EP protection (ASTM D3233B) and 4 Ball Wear Index (ASTM D4172) well within condemning levels. The data collected on these traction motors showed all were operating in similar conditions in extremely challenging haulage profiles.

The Bel-Ray Research and Development department have carried out years of field testing in challenging applications. This has resulted in comprehensive solutions for the mining industry with superior premium grade lubricants and unmatched technical support throughout the project life. OEMs have recognised the value of Bel-Ray products with approvals through mining leaders such as GE, Komatsu, Flanders and others.

Optimised overall cost of ownership

Bel-Ray specialty products are developed with total cost of ownership and system reliability in mind. Maximising lubricant change intervals with products that provide extremely high film strength and viscosity index while maintaining adequate film thickness are fundamental in equipment protection. Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil 680 does just that in extreme conditions.

Bel-Ray’s reliability centred solutions and failure mitigation management strategies targeting lubrication-related failure modes provide a complete solution; ensuring the right product for the application along with complete “supportability” program analysis to ensure an optimised return on investment and a sustainable program.

Bel-Ray® industrial lubricants – technology focused and reliability driven

Over the last 75 years, Bel-Ray has remained a premium supplier of specialty industrial lubricants in the mining and heavy construction industry with a focus on optimising operational availability, overall equipment effectiveness and system reliability worldwide. Bel-Ray’s technical teams offer years of highly advanced formulation science that continues to provide asset-intensive industries with a diverse line of products that provide unprecedented protection.

Bel-Ray’s research and development team of innovative scientists, highly experienced engineers and technicians are committed to providing industry-leading solutions.

Let Bel-Ray be part of your Reliability Journey and Success.