GIW Industries, Inc. (A KSB Company)

GIW supplies slurry pumps worldwide in mining, oil sands, aggregates and dredge industries. GIW boasts 125 years of experience in pumps and hydraulic design, and is renowned for their reliable heavy-duty slurry products and material technology. GIW strives to be an innovative partner that provides solutions to maximise the performance and efficiency of slurry pumps and systems.

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Count on GIW for Reliable Slurry Pumps and Parts Supply

Increasing Capacity to Meet Your Needs

The most important benefit in mineral processing is to maximise production time and minimise maintenance. GIW understands that uptime is everything! That is why in this time of uncertainty we are more committed than ever to providing our partners with an uninterrupted supply of pumps and parts.

GIW is working tirelessly to get ahead of any future shortfalls in the market. Our factories are operating at normal capacity and we have increased the foundry output by 15%. We are continuing to produce parts in anticipation of customer demand. We also have a healthy inventory of non-white iron parts to cover your needs for the near future. Rest assured, we are in constant communication with our sub-suppliers to ensure an uninterrupted supply.

GIW is renowned worldwide for its reliable and wear resistant slurry pumps. In order to meet future market needs, GIW is forging ahead with the $42.2 million expansion at their Grovetown, Georgia manufacturing complex. Construction of the additional 70,000 sq.ft (6,503 sq.m) facility is progressing on schedule. The additional manufacturing space will have cleaning, shot blasting, heat treatment, machining, assembly and painting areas.

This expansion ensures we can continue to deliver just what our customers need: rugged, cost-effective slurry pumps.

GIW Is On Your Side

We recognise that when times are hard, every penny counts and reliable tech support is critical. GIW products are designed to help you lower your total cost of ownership and reduce unplanned outages. But if a system breaks down unexpectedly, our customer service agents are available 24/7 to help you find the solution you need, when you need it.

Solutions Designed With You in Mind

MDX RAMSL (Remotely Adjusted Mechanical Suction Liner) – Commissioned in 2018, this technological innovation allows you to mechanically control suction liner adjustment during operations. This upgrade allows maintenance personnel to adjust their pump suction liners in less time than ever before. What once took a crew an average of 32 weekly work hours now takes a single worker one minute with the simple push of a button. RAMSL has delivered on its promise to reduce downtime and facilitate safe and reliable maintenance while reducing overhead costs.

TBC-92 – The latest in a long line of high-pressure pumps, the TBC-92 provides operators with longer run times, fewer outages, increased production, and a lower cost of ownership. The pump’s sturdy components contribute to a long wear life that reaches up to 6,000 hours of operation before requiring maintenance.

Predictive Wear Tools – When it comes to part wear, the goal is to achieve the maximum lifespan from wear components and minimise the risk of unexpected outages. Our technicians have developed a device to facilitate measurement and eliminate the guesswork from the process, making measurement easier, quicker and more accurate. This device reduces downtime by providing operators with reliable measurements of the material loss and remaining thickness to determine when the next pump repair or inspection should occur.

Ven-Bin Workflow Efficiency – Inefficient workflow contributes to production losses. Maintenance teams often spend valuable time tracking down small but critical parts such as gaskets, bolts and packing rings. To solve this problem, GIW has developed an intuitive hardware cart (Ven-Bin) to keep every tool and part in one place. The modular design standardises how millwrights do their work. The Ven-Bin is proof that even small modifications can help to minimise downtime and boost efficiency during maintenance without sacrificing safety.

The TBC-92 provides operators with longer run times, fewer outages, increased production, and a lower cost of ownership
GIW is dedicated to making your job easier, safer and more efficient with innovative product features. Our focus on system analytic technologies and new wear programs allow us to solve problems in the field before they occur

Customer Service – Our team of specialist are on hand to assist you with after-hours breakdown rush, technical services, and spare parts sales. You can get your questions answered easily with just one phone call to +1-888-832-4449.

From the development of new product lines to optimising current working methods, GIW is by your side. When you choose GIW, you gain a partner that is dedicated to your success. You can count on us to support you through your simple and most complex challenges.