VR Steel

Our dream is for the VR product range to become a global benchmark and equipment of choice in major mining markets, ultimately "Redefining Mining".

Jackie van Eeden
Sales Manager
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13A Clarke Street North, Alrode 1451, South Africa

Earth moving equipment for open-cast mining

Ground breaking attachments for OEM equipment from VR Steel

VR specialises in the design and manufacture of customised mining products

One size does not fit all…and yet that is sometimes all the market has to offer mining houses the world over. Since the dawn of time, mine operations have had precious little in the way of equipment choice for their different strata and site conditions. They have been forced to make their mining activities suit commercial off-the-shelf attachments, with often less than ideal results. The entrance of VR Steel to the attachment market has changed all of that.

VR specialises in the design and manufacture of customised mining products with an emphasis on load and bulk-material handling equipment. The products include, but are not limited, to truck trays, buckets (dragline, dipper, face shovel, excavator and wheel loader), dragline rigging and miscellaneous open-cast mining equipment. VR strives to offer exclusive and customised products by investing in safety, innovation, technology, quality and cost-efficiency to achieve product acceptance and customer satisfaction.

From left to right: VR products include customised rope shovel dippers, wheel loaders, truck trays, face shovels, excavator and dragline buckets

Strong reliance on an even stronger technical engineering and design team has allowed VR Steel products to become the attachment(s) of choice for many blue-chip mining companies. Products are designed from first principles depending on customer inputs and site condition reports, often requiring metrology (3D laser scanning) to ensure input variables reflect reality. An unmatched suit of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) design software is then used to create and test the digital models, simulating their structural strength, resonant frequencies, digging geometry performance and even heat transfer abilities. Thorough systemic workflows on a certified ISO9001:2015 backbone guarantees that the design intent is captured and communicated to all downstream business processes, ensuring that the customer specification and quality expectation is captured in the final product.

To date over 500 large capital items have been shipped to Africa, North America, Oceania and the Far East. Additionally, VR continues to service, repair and upgrade all other makes of earth-moving attachments. In nearly three decades of business, VR Steel has consumed over 26,000 metric tonnes of quenched and tempered steel in product and repair activities. Sound innovative designs, unflappable corporate culture and exceptional business agility sees VR Steel constantly growing its customer base year-on-year as it helps its clients unearth their potential…all the while truly redefining mining.