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Elphinstone Pty Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and support of quality equipment for the global underground, surface mining and rail maintenance industries. The Elphinstone range of Underground Mining Support Vehicles combines practical design, the latest technology and quality manufacturing to ensure reliable performance. Elphinstone has delivered over 215 machines worldwide to locations in Argentina, Australasia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guyana, India, Jamaica, Mali, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Suriname, USA and more. As an authorised Caterpillar Original Equipment Manufacturer, all machine sales, technical assistance and access to spare parts is also available and supported via the global Cat dealer network.

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Elphinstone Mining Equipment Solutions

WR810 and WR820 Underground Support Solutions

Since the founder, Dale Elphinstone, started modifying Cat surface mining equipment to suit underground applications in 1975, the Elphinstone name has been synonymous with underground mining.

The company has developed and released six new underground support vehicles in the last 24 months with the first production units operating in North America, South America and Australia.

Two base platforms feature numerous specialised underground attachments for each application. The first is the WR820 series, a 20-t nominal base platform, and the second is the WR810 series, a 10-t nominal base platform. The WR820 Series currently comprises two agitators (8 m3 or 10 m3) and a water tank. The WR810 Series currently comprises a scissor lift, a 6 m3 agitator, fuel and lube truck, water cannon and delivery.

WR810 Underground Scissor Lift
WR810 Underground Water Cannon
WR810 Underground Fuel & Lube
WR810 Underground Agitator 6 m³

WR820 Underground Series

WR820 Underground Water Tank
WR820 Underground Agitator 10 m³

Engines and powertrains

At the heart of both platforms are CAT engines, world-renowned for their smooth torque delivery, reliability, fuel efficiency, readily available parts and product support. The WR810 Series equipped as standard with CAT’s C7.1 ACERT engine meets Tier 3 EPA regulations. The engine delivers 158 kW (214 hp) net and 922 Nm of torque from its 7.1-litres of displacement at 1,400 rpm. The WR810 optioned with a Tier 4 Final version of the CAT C7.1 engine delivers 151 kW (202 hp) net and 870 Nm of torque from 7.1-litres of displacement at 1,400 rpm. Countries with strict engine emission levels will now benefit from this option. Due to their extra payload capacity, the WR820 Series fitted with CAT’s C11 ACERT engine delivers 239 kW (321 hp) net and 1,430 Nm of torque from 11.15-litres of displacement at 1,300 rpm.

All engines feature CAT’s proprietary ACERT technology and ADEM A4 control module to regulate the rail fuel injection solenoids, achieving emission requirements through controlled combustion rather than exhaust gas recirculation. The higher level of fuel control throughout the combustion cycle improves emissions, reducing fuel consumption. Boosting each engine’s performance is a turbocharger, fitted with a computer-controlled wastegate that allows higher boost pressures to be brought in earlier in the rev range to increase useable bottom-end torque.

Matched to the engine in the WR810s is a CAT five-speed (three-speed reverse) transmission fitted with a lock up torque converter. The WR820s are fitted with a CAT six-speed (single speed reverse) power shift transmission – also with a lock up converter, which stops converter slip under certain load and engine speed conditions to increase road speed and reduce fuel consumption. While the rear axles are rigid mounted to the chassis for maximum load carrying capacity, the front axles in both series can be optioned with suspension, which provides supreme operator comfort at low or high speed.


Downtime during service and maintenance is dramatically reduced on all Elphinstone vehicles through some clever engineering and design features incorporated with service personnel in mind. Large, hinged engine enclosure doors make servicing easy and fast, as do removable floor and side plates.

Quick change air filters and 500-hour oil service intervals also reduce downtime and keep machines in operation longer for greater productivity. A centralised on-board service centre includes fast fill and evacuation points and fluid sample points for analysis.

The 24 V electrical system features colour-coded wiring circuits with individual circuit breakers. All wiring is double insulated, sealed to keep out dirt and moisture and covered with fire-resistant material. An on-board diagnostic system continuously checks all critical machine functions for early warning and fast fault finding, with all data recorded for analysis.


Safety is one of the most important aspects of any piece of machinery employed in the mining world. Integrated into the WR820 and WR810 operator station is an ISO 3471:2008 standard ROPS and ISO 3449:2005 standard FOPS that offers protection to the operator.

Other safety features include fuel water separators made of non-flammable material, firewalls and heatshields, machine interlocks, centralised isolation points (engine disconnect switch, starter isolation switch, jump-start receptacle and fire system activation if fitted), and an optional integrated fire suppression system.

Operator station

The WR810 operator cabin has been designed to seat three people in comfort and with exceptional visibility. Operator training is simpler and safer with the trainer positioned next to the operator. In the working environment, a three-seater cabin allows for the complete crew to go collectively rather than deploying an additional light vehicle for personnel transport. The operator cabin can be optioned as fully enclosed with climate control air-conditioning and pressuriser to prevent dust ingress if required. Various seat options are available from a mechanical suspension seat to an active suspension seat for premium operator comfort.

The machine controls are ergonomically designed and positioned allowing the operator to control machine functions with minimal effort, resulting in greater concentration on vehicle operation, with reduced operator fatigue. The transmission control for forward, reverse and gear range is located at close reach to the operator’s right hand. Conveniently located and easy-to see gauges and displays make monitoring machine systems as simple as possible. The system continuously provides critical machine data, and a three-level warning system alerts the operator of any abnormal conditions. An engine protection system is fitted that will shut down the engine if low engine oil pressure, low coolant level or coolant over-temperature conditions are experienced.

UG20K and UG20M Underground Graders

Elphinstone identified an opportunity to expand their growing range of underground support vehicles by including a haul road maintenance vehicle based on the Caterpillar 120K and 120M surface grader platforms.

The role of the underground grader is to prepare and maintain haul and access roads with adequate drainage throughout the tunnel network. Quality haul road maintenance ensures all production, support and light vehicles can move freely in a safe and controlled manner with optimal efficiency. The added benefit is increased production equipment tyre and component life and speed on grade.

In addition to Elphinstone’s renowned operator safety and ergonomic features, a robust rear-guard provides rear protection whilst a front counterweight balances the machine.

An optional shortened gooseneck frame and moldboard improves the operation and manoeuvrability of the grader. The reduced wheelbase increases the turning radius with the standard articulation features of the grader.

The redesign of the moldboard lift cylinders and exhaust complete the conversion to a low-profile configuration.

Units are operating on the ground in Canada, Argentina, Chile, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Mali, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the USA.

UG20K Underground Grader
UG20M Underground Grader

The Haulmax® 3900 Series Truck

The Haulmax® 3900 series truck is purpose-built for extended distance, off-highway and surface mining applications. The 3900 is available in three separate configurations, including ore haulage, service, or water cart and, if required, a 160-t low-bed float. Designed to operate on cycles of approximately 50 km (30 miles), the narrow width of the 3900 allows it to work on roads 15 m (49 ft) wide.

The 3900 Series Truck offers excellent traction and stability in soft and slippery operations. The combination of the truck’s narrow width, long chassis, low centre of gravity and eight-wheel drive configuration provides safe and superior operator control. The 3900 features a hydraulically controlled brake system, with dry front and rear oil-cooled multiple disc brakes to offer fade-resistant braking in all conditions.

Haulmax 3900 Dump Truck
Haulmax 3900 Service Truck
Haulmax 3900 Water Truck
Haulmax 3900 Low Bed Tow Tractor

The Railmax® RMT15F Road-Rail Excavator

The Railmax® RMT15F Road-Rail Excavator has been developed to meet industry demand for a compliant, certified and engineered rail maintenance excavator. Based on the Cat® 315F L Hydraulic Excavator, the machine is fitted with the Railmax® rail guidance system. Unrivalled safety features, regulatory compliance, systems innovation and product support enable the machine to deliver integrated solutions to the rail industry.

The Railmax RMT15F Road-Rail Excavator has been designed and engineered as a premium quality rail maintenance solution, incorporating unrivalled safety features and functionality that enable professional rail maintenance teams to safely and reliably achieve new levels of productivity.

Railmax RMT15F Road-Rail Excavator

Elphinstone Electrical Harnesses

Elphinstone Pty Ltd is a producer of cable assemblies and components for underground and surface mobile equipment used in the mining and explosive industries.

Wire processing and identification are achieved via a Komax Z633 wire processing unit. Current cable assemblies are sleeved in conduit, spiral wrap, cloth tape, or varflo sleeve which conforms to MIL-I-23053, or over braided via our Herzog harness braiding machines. Elphinstone has two braiding units – the KB 1/48 100, which covers a range of 8-20 mm, and the KB 1/24-100, which covers a range of 25-40 mm.

Elphinstone currently produces over 1,500 variants and over 15,000 pieces per year for all existing customers with an on-time delivery performance greater than 98%.

All harness assemblies are tested for correct circuit continuity before delivery to the end-user, with visual inspections to ensure compliance with supplied prints.