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ESCO® engineered products for mining

The new ESCO NEXSYS™ mining GET system on a rope shovel dipper

Rope shovel buckets just got an upgrade

The next evolution of ground engaging tools is here. The new NEXSYS™ Lip System and GET for rope shovel dippers can reduce your downtime costs. Significantly lower lip maintenance and longer tooth and adapter life leads to longer uninterrupted shovel operation. NEXSYS takes GET to the next level with longer wear life, lower weight, reduced maintenance – all with the reliability you expect from ESCO® engineered products. Learn more about NEXSYS.

ESCO Production Master® rope shovel dippers

The world class Production Master rope shovel dippers are available for all OEM makes and models. Our precision engineering and manufacturing increases shovel availability with more reliable, longer-lasting components that eliminate unplanned downtime, while reducing maintenance costs and increasing safety. We custom engineer each Production Master dipper to meet mine requirements to maximise productivity and digging efficiency. We consult with mine personnel to address capacity, lip, GET, rope connection and wear package options to improve reliability and productivity.

World’s largest operating dragline bucket – a 164-yard ESCO ProFill® bucket

ESCO dragline buckets

ESCO dragline buckets are built using proprietary cast alloy construction, developed from over 100 years as a manufacturer of premium steel castings. Our engineering and metallurgical expertise offer an optimised cast structure with a balance of strength, impact resistance and wear life. ESCO dragline buckets are built to deliver superior productivity and maximum durability under the toughest digging conditions. A proven performer, standard ProFill® dragline buckets provide increased productivity and cost savings worldwide.

Building on the success of the ProFill configuration, we now offer the ProFill Delta dragline bucket, which simplifies the rigging and delivers quality that our customers expect from the ESCO brand. The unique geometry of the ESCO ProFill Delta dragline bucket enhances production and is custom engineered for your mine site requirements. The rigging weight savings allows greater bucket capacity or increased bucket protection without compromising machine performance. The hammerless GET locking systems and fewer rigging components streamline maintenance and improve site safety by reducing worker exposure and touch time.

ESCO ProSeries dragline chain

Engineered for optimum performance, strength and wear life, we offer complete strands of chain for ESCO and competitor dragline buckets in hoist and drag configurations. ESCO ProSeries dragline chain is fully cast in premium ESCO proprietary alloys and engineered to provide a 12% increase in useable bite material and a 14% increase in bite area over the competition. Complete dragline rigging packages are available.

ESCO face shovel buckets

We produce reliable, performance-driven face shovel fronts and backboards for the world’s most demanding mine sites. Available for 120- to 800-ton machine classes, these are sized to match site payload specifications. Our offering is customised for production requirements and material conditions for maximum machine productivity and lower total cost of production. OEM compatible profiles allow for easy integration into an operation’s existing bucket fleet.

ESCO HD wheel loader bucket with Nemisys N70 tooth system

ESCO mining wheel loader buckets

We produce reliable, performance-driven wheel loader buckets built for the world’s most demanding mine sites. ESCO buckets are compatible with most 5 m³ (6.5 yd³) class and larger loaders. Engineered to deliver payloads meeting site production requirements, buckets are available in extra heavy-duty (XHD), heavy-duty (HD) and general purpose (GP) duty classes. Plate lip system options include best-in-class Nemisys N65 and N70 or SV2® tooth systems.

Unsurpassed durability is a result of reducing stress points in beam shapes, weld-joint design and plate configuration – all optimised using advanced finite element analysis (FEA). ESCO mining wheel loader buckets are engineered to outlast with attachment lugs that wrap under the bucket to spread stress loads evenly and single-beam HD or triple-formed XHD beams that are engineered to meet application demands.

Lower your cost per ton with the Nemisys system

With over 1,000 installations worldwide, the ESCO Nemisys lip and GET system is field proven to lower operating costs per ton. The system features an integrated single-side lock for easier and faster removal to minimise machine downtime during maintenance cycles. The hammerless lock provides improved engagement with the nose to significantly reduce the chance of point loss and unplanned downtime.

The comprehensive Nemisys offering covers your GET needs for rope shovels, draglines, mining excavators and wheel loaders. Machines, applications and customer requirements vary from site to site and the ESCO Nemisys system offers flexibility with differentiated design segments to meet those needs. The Nemisys system has demonstrated market leadership in reliability, site safety and enhancing machine performance.

ESCO mining hoe bucket loading an ESCO UltraHaul truck body

ESCO mining hoe buckets

We engineer mining hoe buckets to enhance productivity by optimising payload to site material density while striking a balance between maintenance requirements versus capacity. Increased machine availability is achieved by using high-strength steel fabricated to exacting specifications to reduce the chance of unplanned maintenance. Reduced maintenance is a result of enhanced beam shapes, configuration and weld-joint design using advanced finite element analysis (FEA) tools to distribute operational stresses for increased durability.

ESCO haul truck bodies

Mining excavator buckets are essential tools in the mining industry, enabling the efficient extraction and handling of valuable minerals and materials. Their robust construction, high capacity and versatility make them critical for increasing productivity and profitability in mining operations.

ESCO UltraHaul® mining truck bodies continue our tradition of delivering innovative field-proven products that improve mine productivity and safety. The advanced profile of the UltraHaul truck body offers optimal payloads and faster cycle times while reducing tyre damage and load spillage – while the enhanced material flow reduces wear, carry-back and unscheduled maintenance. Upgrade your haul truck fleet to the ESCO UltraHaul truck body for improved performance and payload optimisation.

The ESCO UltraLight™ mining truck body features a unique profile fabricated with advanced alloys and manufacturing technologies to produce a lighter-weight truck body that can haul more ore while reducing fuel consumption on return trips.

The UltraLight truck body benefits include less fuel consumption, less material recycling at end of life and less tyre damage. Harnessing the innovative features of our standard UltraHaul truck body, the UltraLight offering also provides enhanced material flow to help reduce wear, carry-back and unscheduled maintenance.

Our specialised team of engineers can provide an operations improvement proposal based on your site conditions and operational objectives. ESCO truck bodies are developed to increase capacity, reduce the chance of spillage and provide more wear resistance – our team will work with your site personnel to deliver a design for greater productivity and performance.

ESCO LHD bucket with UltraEdge lip system for underground mining

ESCO LHD buckets and lip systems

All ESCO LHD buckets are offered with a full selection of lip styles and wear packages. Our technical staff will assess your site conditions and production requirements to determine the best configuration for your operation. We offer direct replacement rock buckets, mechanical buckets and ejector buckets for all popular LHD units available on the market today.

ESCO LHD buckets for underground mining are precision manufactured with material specifications that meet or exceed OEM standards. Our superior alloys and component profiles extend wear part service life – when coupled with simplified replacement there is a significant reduction in maintenance events to lower costs and improve site safety.

The ESCO UltraEdge™ lip system was developed for exceptional performance, increased mine safety and reduced maintenance. The unique locking system allows easy adjustment to maintain shroud tightness against the lip for optimum performance. Additional LHD lip systems are available.

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