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MICHELIN MEMS LITE: A simple, budget-friendly tyre monitoring solution

The mining industry has been using tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS) for nearly 20 years to boost mine operations and productivity. Michelin, a tyre manufacturer known for its high-performing, innovative tyres for mining equipment, introduced the industry’s first TPMS for surface mining equipment in 2006. Last year, Michelin launched its newest offer in market-leading TPMS with MICHELIN MEMS LITE. This simple, budget-friendly option adds safety and savings to a mine’s operations through periodic tyre pressure and temperature readings, and does so without adding any hardware to the trucks.

“As part of Michelin Better Mining, we strive to provide the mining industry with innovative services and solutions, beyond the tyre, that add value for users. We designed this entry-level offer to meet the needs of customers who want to start using a TPMS with basic features to improve their operations,” said Francois Vian, MEMS Products Director. “We found that miners running 100–150 ton (91-136 t) trucks were looking for a simple, robust plug-and-play solution with alerts sent to their mobile devices should an issue arise, and supported by a trusted technical network.”

Simple, flexible, easy to operate

MEMS LITE combines MEMS proven tyre sensors with fixed reading stations strategically installed at the mine site. Tyres are equipped with long-lasting tyre sensors to capture tyre pressure and temperature data using the “MEMS-ready” feature in MICHELIN tyres or a retrofit patch for tyres smaller than 49 inches or non-MICHELIN tyres. Vehicles drive by fixed reading stations that periodically capture tyre data up to 100 metres away with a clear line of sight. The tyre data is then transmitted to connected devices through a local server or Cloud-based server and is remotely accessible from any laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The system includes application alerts to ensure timely action when required. Michelin provides continuous reliable support through a trusted network of engineers and onsite training, enabling customers to move to the next level of tyre maintenance.

Australian mine increases tyre life after only six months of implementing MICHELIN MEMS LITE

MICHELIN MEMS LITE is not only easy to operate; it also has proven its effectiveness and return on investment for an Australian mining contractor. The mine runs a fleet of 40 large rigid dump trucks. The mining contractor wanted to reduce the mine’s operating costs by increasing safety and improving tyre life, and needed a simple solution that didn’t require extensive capital expenditure.

Michelin installed two MEMS LITE fixed stations at the Australian mine site and supplied sensors for 36 tyres across six trucks to allow the site to test this new solution. Michelin trained the operational staff and superintendent to access the data remotely.

At the beginning, Michelin visited the mine site to perform remote support on software, share monthly performance reports with the customer and ensure the system was proving its value. The fixed stations received 3,500 readings daily from the six monitored trucks – amounting to 100 readings per day, per tyre.

As a result of installing MEMS LITE, pressure management improved significantly in the mine. In just six months, inflation that was widely spread between -12% and + 5% around the ideal chamber pressure at the beginning, now concentrated inside the manufacturer operating range – between -5% and +5% – around the ideal chamber pressure.

The pressure improvements to comply with the manufacturer operating range can be translated into an increase in tyre life of roughly 8% on six trucks. If projected across the mine’s entire fleet, the savings add up to US$600,000, providing a return on investment in less than three months.

Better control of your mine operations


MICHELIN MEMS LITE is targeted for rigid dump trucks between 100- and 150-tons using tyres with a diameter of 49-51 inches. The system is compatible with all tyre brands and is easily upgradable to MICHELIN MEMS 4 for added functionality.

To learn more about Michelin’s innovative solutions for safe, smart and sustainable mining, visit business.michelinman.com/mining-quarries.