Your partner in sustainable mining power. With nearly 100 years of experience powering the mining industry – Cummins is committed to helping mining customers through the energy transition. From continuing to invest in the internal combustion engines the industry relies on to introducing and scaling new technologies needed to achieve true progress, Cummins and its global service and support network stand ready for what’s next. Powering your success with progressively sustainable and efficient solutions.

Angie McEldowney

The world of mining power is adapting

As leaders in the mining industry, Cummins is excited to have the opportunity to be part of the world’s sustainability solutions. Its unrivalled expertise is pushing industries toward net zero emissions in more ways than one.

After attending and presenting at The Electric Mine 2024, John Essegbey, Cummins Mining Market Sensing & Innovation Manager, dove into the company’s offering that helps miners meet their sustainability goals.

Didn’t make it to the event? No problem. He’s here to share the highlights of how Cummins can help you make a genuine difference to your company’s sustainability goals.

Realistic steps make a difference today

Many players in the mining industry have their sights set on electrification as the best method to achieve sustainability ambitions, but this won’t come without obstacles, so it’s best to avoid focusing on it for fast, near-term results.

John highlights that “electrification could be a slow process to ensure technology matches the performance needs required to be successful in mining”, meaning a range of sustainable pathways alongside electrification can lead to positive results in a much quicker timeframe.

While Cummins is activating multiple pathways that will enable progressive decarbonisation for miners, including through equipment hybridisation, enhanced alternative fuel technologies and renewable energy production and management, John reminds the industry to “not overlook what can be achieved today with miners’ current fleets”.

Retrofit today for a sustainable future

Take a look at your fleet – are you working with older engines? If yes, upgrading to the latest MCRS fuel system brings many benefits, including 10% longer life to overhaul, significant reduction of particulate matter and even 6-8%-plus fuel reduction, leading to an improved carbon footprint.

“But miners can even find ways to achieve additional GHG reductions by customising what they already have, so making a difference to your emissions is a lot more immediate and cost effective than you might think”, so, John recommends considering customised engine parameters, optimised calibration settings, parts upgrades and finding key insights through Cummins’ digital platforms.

And it really does make a big impact. As reported in Cummins’ 2022-2023 Sustainability Report, a mining customer running a large fleet of trucks partnered with Cummins to reduce fuel consumption without impacting operations. The customer was hoping for a 1.7% reduction in fuel. Together, engineering and on-site teams implemented a custom calibration and optimised speed settings across the fleet.

The project resulted in a 7% fuel economy improvement, saving 17 million litres per year in fuel and 45,900 t of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). And to top it off? It saved the customer over $16 million a year.

“Taking these more immediate, positive steps toward a more sustainable operation therefore isn’t just saving on your emissions, it’s saving on your operating costs, too.”

Innovating future solutions

According to Cummins, there won’t be a one-size-fits-all solution, and miners will need to incorporate one or multiple solutions, from supplementing or replacing conventional diesel with alternative fuels, making major infrastructure investments in catenary systems, or integrating hybrid systems into their fleets.

Cummins recently announced field testing of its hybrid (diesel-battery) truck solution with NHL. Hybrids offer miners an economically viable path for reducing greenhouse gas emissions without large infrastructure or capital investments, while also maintaining the flexibility for higher productivity where needed.

And while renewable diesels like HVO are already approved for use within Cummins high-horsepower engines, there’s more work under way to allow miners to take advantage of renewable fuels like ethanol and methanol.

Cummins recently announced field testing of its hybrid (diesel-battery) truck solution with NHL

Start your journey to carbon neutrality today.