Flender stands for comprehensive knowledge in all questions of mechanical drive technology, as well as the utmost quality in all products and services. Highly qualified and dedicated employees have always been the key to our innovative strength and productive capacity. But they are also the basis of our special consulting expertise, which is supported by a virtually unlimited portfolio. Our ability to competently advise our customers with a view to their individual requirements rests on our extensive application know-how and our decades-long experience in many sectors of industry and raw materials extraction. We unite the stability and process reliability of a global corporation with the customer proximity and pragmatism of a medium-sized company, thus combining the best of both worlds.


Mechanical drive technology components from Flender


The fastest dumper, the biggest ball mill, the fastest conveyor belt, the strongest crusher, the largest roller press, … Gigantic machines in mines all over the world shift or process billions of tonnes of material daily. All of them need to be driven. And because of the often difficult environmental conditions at 5,000 metres up or below ground, in tropical regions or at temperatures below 40 degrees celsius, at the heart of many super-systems is to be found Flender’s outstanding drive technology.

However, the typical mine environment is not only be­devilled by very large amounts of dust and dirt, in many cases the big problem is its location far away from civilisation, accessibility, water and energy. Precisely for those reasons the frequently interconnected process stages do not permit stoppages of any kind, because an idle drive system means disruption of the work process. And that costs money. Especially in mines. For that reason in drive technology two things always matter most: efficiency and reliability.

The German drive specialist Flender has been at home in mining for decades and has gained the reputation of being a reliable partner offering extremely reliable products. Also its global set-up and the integrated approach with

which Flender consistently designs its product and service portfolio is focussed on absolute system availability. This integrated approach is not limited to the gear unit. It also takes in all couplings, digitalisation and drive-related peripherals, so ensuring that excavator and mining truck, crane and crusher, plate and belt conveyor, vertical and tube mill, roller press and rotary kiln are kept moving.

Industry experts know that Flender delivers a modern standard at the highest technical level and on any scale. Decades-old links to original-equipment manufacturers and mine operators enable communication on equal terms – and a working collaboration on many innovation pro­jects. In this way the Bocholt-based engineering company Flender can further-develop and use its competencies profitably to build and grow long-term customer relations, with the prospect of many more super-system projects.


Space-saving power packs: Flender bucket wheel gear units have an extremely lower power-to-weight ratio.
Extremely strong, compact and resilient: Flender roller press drives are particularly efficient and reliable.