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Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill products will increase productivity. Not just by our unique sonic drilling method, but also due to product field training in your local environment. Our product line is designed to be safer and more ergonomic than the industry standard. High quality components are designed and selected for our products to ensure product reliability. All drill rigs are put through a series of field tests before leaving our factory. This will ensure that our drilling rigs can handle the challenges that you are facing out in the field; making the impossible possible.

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Safety Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless!

Over the last decade, safety has become more and more essential, and a prominent factor in drilling and mining. It is not just about safety vests, hats and eyewear – a focus on safety in equipment design and how drillers operate that equipment has led to significant improvements.

Drilling, in particular, has inherent dangers with the high-speed rotation of the drill head and the handling of heavy, cumbersome rods and casings. All this puts crews at risk of their clothing getting caught, body parts getting pinched or crushed, backs or shoulders getting injured, or even hand tools getting caught and causing other injuries. And there is a growing trend, as seen in Canada, to hold drilling CEOs personally responsible when crew members are injured due to insufficient safety procedures.

When it comes to drill rigs, Eijkelkamp North America’s SonicSampDrill rigs, built by FRASTE, have unmatched safety features. Foremost among them is the safety cage. Standard on Eijkelkamp rigs, the safety cage closes around the drill head and spinning tooling, ensuring that tools, crews and clothing are all clear of danger. In fact, opening the drill cage while drilling immediately shuts down the rig through an emergency shut-off feature.

Another key safety feature of Eijkelkamp rigs is the various means to automate the handling of tooling. First, the rig provides automatic breaking of the threaded tooling joints. Using break-out clamps, mounted at the bottom of the drill mast, the driller can remotely clamp the tooling and then control the drill head to release joints quickly and safely. No wrenches required.

The second automated tooling function comes in the form of a type of rod handler called the FRASTE Manipulator. This automated arm picks up drill pipe from the rig’s on-board rack and safely lifts it up parallel to the drill head. The head shifts over, uses a hydraulic chuck to mount the pipe, and then shifts back over the drill hole to continue drilling. The FRASTE Manipulator is safely operated from the driller’s control panel, with several automated features including rod separators, strong gripping pliers and a bottom rod guide that ensures perfect alignment. This additional automation provides even more safety as it saves human fatigue while making sure operators do not need to touch the drill pipes. It also eliminates dead time when drill pipe is loaded and unloaded.

The third automated tooling element is another type of rod handler. Typically operated by a single assistant, the Eijkelkamp ManipAll arm lifts over 600 Ib (300 kg) and picks up rods or casings up to 13 ft (4 m) long and 3-12 inches (75-325 mm) in diameter. Depending on the size, the ManipAll grabs tooling using clamps or industrial magnets, and it can be safely operated by hand or by remote control. The ManipAll quickly and easily lifts tooling to a vertical position and swings it into place under the drill head. This arm adds significant efficiencies as well as safety. For example, while the driller is busy drilling with the current tooling, the assistant can get the next piece into position. And it saves you the step of off-loading and staging your tooling – the ManipAll can pick up rods and casing right from your rig, truck, or rack. In addition, the ManipAll adds very little to a rig’s footprint, and it can be mounted on any drill rig – not just an Eijkelkamp rig.

A fourth element of tooling automation is the FRASTE Roto Handler (FRH), which makes handling drill rods and casings quick work. Easily mounted to an excavator, the FRH handles tooling from 3-12.8 inches (76-324 mm) in diameter, ensuring your crew remains at a safe distance and does not need to handle these heavy rods manually. This simple, strong and safe hydraulic handler provides a range of gripping diameters in each clamp and can lift over 1,400 lb (650 kg). Like the ManipAll, the FRH can work with any rig, regardless of the manufacturer.

While features like the Eijkelkamp ManipAll and FRASTE Manipulator end drilling injuries due to rod and casing handling, focusing on the safety of your crew does not just mean fewer injuries and deaths; it also makes financial sense. Fewer worker compensation claims, reduced absenteeism, decreased insurance premiums and improved customer satisfaction all lead to increased profitability.

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless! Eijkelkamp North America is proud to deliver the features necessary to ensure the safety of your drilling crews and the success of your company.