Wingfield Scale & Measure

Started by Jack Wingfield in 1937, the company has thrived through three generations of leadership from the Wingfield family and continues to be guided by the faith and timeless principles that Jack put in place.

2205 S Holtzclaw Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37404, United States

Wingfield Scale & Measure innovates with volume load scanner

In 1937, Jackson Wingfield established a distributorship in Tennessee, providing mechanical scales to industry around the southeast US. Today, third-generation leadership has developed its capability beyond scales to include industrial inventories, stockpile measurement and volumetric load scanning. When any material is counted, measured, or weighed, Wingfield Scale & Measure has become the trusted provider of scale and measurement solutions for aggregate producers and manufacturers around the country.

Driven by a desire to leverage proven technology for the benefit of their clients, Wingfield has continued to add products and services to their portfolio of solutions. The WingScan advanced LiDAR technology product line is the latest addition to their offerings.

WingScan is a volumetric load scanner utilising advanced LiDAR technology powered by German software company LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH. The WingScan product line includes solutions for measuring in-motion bulk material moving by conveyor belt, open-top truck and rail.

“With WingScan, we are taking our expertise in the field of measurement to a whole new level,” says Joseph Wingfield, President of Wingfield Scale & Measure. “We are making it possible to know the precise quantities of materials across the raw material and product supply chain.”

WingScan-B measures the volume of bulk materials moving over a conveyor belt and relays real-time data to your facility PLC. Wingfield Scale & Measure has offered structural scanning and underground mapping using LiDAR since 2013. With the addition of WingScan-B, clients can now accurately track inventory as it is moved, above and underground, with customizable solutions to seamlessly fit with existing systems.

WingScan-T applies this technology to measure in-motion material in open-bed haulage vehicles and commercial dump trucks. WingScan-T with RFID enables companies to track the movement of material in real time during large earthmoving projects, load by load. WingScan-T will give accurate volumes on inbound or outbound client trucks, tracking haul back autonomously. When mounted over a scale, the volume from the scanner used in conjunction with the scale’s weight will provide real-time, load-specific densities.

WingScan-R autonomously measures loaded product volumes in open-top rail cars, offering in-motion or stationary scan options and gives reliable accounting of inventoried material being shipped or received by rail.

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