Best-in-class slurry pumping solutions

An interview with Leo Perry, Engineering, Lead Product Manager, KSB Mining, and Jonathan Samuel, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, KSB Mining / President, GIW Industries Inc

KSB Mining provides leading expertise on centrifugal pumps – in slurry and non-slurry applications – to mining operations.

Leveraging its line of GIW® slurry pumps for various applications in the hard-rock mining, mineral mining, oil sands and dredging industries, the organisation is on a mission to provide rugged, cost-effective slurry pumps to the sector that are both CAPEX- and OPEX-efficient.

The launch the MDX-850 – which features the best performing hydraulics in the entire GIW Mill Duty Extra Heavy (MDX) product line – along with sophisticated technology, such as the GIW RAMSL, and wear part analytics software, such as GIW SLYsight, is keeping the company at the leading edge of the slurry pump market.

In this interview with Leo Perry, KSB Mining Lead Product Manager, and Jonathan Samuel, KSB Mining Vice President, Sales & Marketing, hear about the company’s increasing range of slurry pump products, its expanding use of digital technologies and how a recent $100 million expansion at the KSB Grovetown facility puts the company in line to gain major market share while improving the environmental footprint associated with using its pumps.

Best-in-class slurry pumping solutions