Connecting Equipment, Processes, Technology and People

An interview with Johanna Newcomb, Vice President, Performance Solutions, Metso & Soledad Barbera, Head of Metso Performance Centers, Metso

“Remote monitoring and analytics, combined with on-site assistance as needed, provides a new, proactive way for Metso to support our customers; to reduce variability of their processes, to optimise the processes and to maximise the use of their assets.”

These are the words of Johanna Newcomb, Vice President, Performance Solutions at Metso, who is part of a team that has been instrumental in bringing all of the OEM’s digital tools into a solution that can help mining companies troubleshoot and carry out maintenance tasks remotely when bringing experts to site may not be possible.

The Metso Performance Centers – currently based in Santiago, Chile, and Changsha, China – integrate Metso Metrics support, gearless mill drive monitoring, and remote process optimisation experts into a new collaborative environment, which allows the company to better service its global customers in real time.

To date, Metso has over 1,000 active and connected crushers, and it has implemented over 600 Advanced Process Control and automation projects, as well as more than 315 installations of specialised process optimisation instrumentation. All these on-premise tools can be connected to the Metso Performance Center for remote diagnostics, troubleshooting and more.

The centres employ a multi-disciplinary team of experts who analyse incoming data, deriving insights and recommendations to help customers optimise their equipment operations and processes remotely. To provide holistic support, services offered are vendor-agnostic, available for both Metso and non-Metso equipment alike.

This helps maintenance personnel reduce on-site ‘firefighting’, instead being able to focus on proactive elements that optimise the processing plant over the long term, Newcomb says.

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Connecting Equipment, Processes, Technology and People