Holistic tailings management solutions

Daniel Gleeson, Editor, International Mining, interviews Erik Vlot, Global Manager Tailings & Backfill, Weir; and Job Kruyswijk, Slurry Solutions Manager, Weir

Weir is rethinking the basic assumptions the mining industry has about tailings; it’s committed to reducing the risk and the environmental impact of tailings’ operations at the lowest total cost of ownership.

To this end, Weir is researching and developing innovative technologies and processes in a way that transforms the current value proposition and ensures more sustainable tailings operations.

Weir carries out extensive testing and analysis to identify ways to optimise tailings processing methods, reduce the amount of tailings generated and ensure it’s a more manageable product. Weir’s focus on research and development underscores its dedication to driving positive change in the mining industry’s approach to tailings management.

Hear more about this and the way that Weir is Rethinking, Reducing and Repurposing tailings in this video interview with Erik Vlot, Global Manager Tailings & Backfill, and Job Kruyswijk, Slurry Solutions Manager.

Holistic tailings management solutions