Valves for mining and minerals processing

An interview with Heikki Kärki, Industry Manager, Mining & Minerals processing, Metso Flow Control; and Ville Kähkönen, Director, Industry Management, Metso Flow Control

In a minerals processing plant, there are thousands of valves across an operation each serving a specific purpose. Metso Flow Control, a business unit of the minerals processing giant, has been engineering such valves for over 90 years.

Led by its Neles® and Jamesbury® brands, Metso Flow Control is one of the few companies offering the total package of the valve, the actuator and the smart controller. This separates the company from its peers and allows Metso Flow Control to tailor solutions for slurry, utility and severe service applications.

The company’s engineering expertise has seen it develop solutions for the toughest of minerals processing applications: the autoclaving industry. This is where its materials technology team is able to select optimised materials and coatings to ensure its valves stand up to the high pressures, temperatures and acid concentrations found in such environments.

With smart digital valve controllers, the ability to collect data and the expertise to interpret it, Metso Flow Control continues to help mining clients achieve increased production rates and efficiencies, while retaining safe and secure processing operations.

Valves for mining and minerals processing