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ABB and EcoHoist to work on low carbon, low cost vertical material transport solution

ABB and EcoHoist have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development of a vertical material transport solution for underground mines.

The solution combines EcoHoist’s technology with ABB’s technical capability and experience in vertical ore haulage in mining, they say.

The EcoHoist aims to improve on traditional vertical hoisting systems, by substantially reducing the size of the required mine shafts. This reduction in mine shaft size leads to a reduction in capital cost and construction time compared with skip hoist systems, the company says. The EcoHoist operates on electricity and provides the opportunity for mines using conventional diesel powered load and haul fleets to simultaneously cut production costs and decarbonise.

“As mines go deeper underground, and as external pressures to decarbonise mining operations increase, the EcoHoist is a compelling solution,” EcoHoist says.

The collaboration will see experts from both companies contributing to solutions for the future of underground ore haulage systems and provides opportunities for further commercial arrangements. This collaboration aims to expedite EcoHoist’s delivery of a subscale demonstration of the technology, by leveraging ABB’s expertise in engineering and hoist safety systems.

ABB has a strong reputation for delivering solutions for the mining industry, with more than 600 active production and service mine hoists within its global installed base, and EcoHoist hopes this collaboration will accelerate the adoption and deployment of the EcoHoist pilot.

Björn Jonsson – Global Business Line Manager for Hoisting at ABB, said: “The mining industry globally is poised for a sustainability step change and ABB is excited to work with EcoHoist in support of new technologies in this journey.”

Aaron Trueman – Australian Business Line Manager for Hoisting at ABB, added: “No matter the mine in Australia, the challenge is how to get ore out of the ground safely and efficiently with high availability in very remote locations. Hoists are a critical mine asset to achieve this, and novel approaches to ore haulage such as EcoHoist are what the industry needs to deliver minerals essential to modern technology.”

Matthew Forrest – Managing Director of EcoHoist, said: “I look forward to continuing to work with Björn, Aaron and other talented people at ABB. ABB’s proven track record delivering electrical drive, automation and safety systems to the resources industry provides strong synergies with EcoHoist.”

Michael Short – Business Development Engineer at EcoHoist, says the EcoHoist offers an opportunity for mining leaders interested in integrating a low-cost solution into their operation.

“We are now in early conversations with interested mining companies for collaboration projects to trial this innovative technology, aiming to increase production rates while reducing both operating costs and carbon footprint.”