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IMDEX to launch next-generation digital core orientation tool at PDAC 2024

IMDEX says it will use this year’s PDAC forum to feature its next-generation digital core orientation tool ACTx as part of its end-to-end solutions to aid drilling optimisation, improve rock knowledge and assist fast data collection and analysis.

The integrated solutions cover activity from the drill rig to the core shed, and the office, with this year a second booth dedicated to mining production tools for the bench and underground working face.

IMDEX will have a focus on the collection of structural data, through ACTx and LOGRx and its industry partner, geoscience image analysis experts Datarock.

IMDEX Head of Product, Mark Gabbitus, said the solutions assisted mining and exploration companies to safely find, define, and mine orebodies with precision and at speed.

“ACTx provides unparalleled quality control and traceability,” Gabbitus said. “There are many ways that the ori mark can go wrong. This is where the ACTx solution changes the game. The new Smart Jig works with the ACTx down hole unit to not only make it harder to put a bad ori mark on the core but the system also collects QA data about the orientation and marking process that the geologist can access in IMDEXHUB-IQ.

“Additionally, the driller can see when there are issues and enter in comments about what went wrong and why. This gives the geologist more confidence in the data they are using.

“There are four key elements that define the rock: location, geochemistry, mineralogy, and structure and we have technology and tools that assist in the data capture and analysis of each of these elements.

“Geochemistry is the property of a rock that most people focus on, and grade is king, but at IMDEX we believe that structure is equally important.

“Pretty much all orebodies have some element of structural control and as we go deeper and chase smaller, lower grade orebodies, structure becomes even more critical.

“That’s why we have been focused on developing innovative solutions to enable the collection of structural data for more than 20 years.

“Knowing the structure of the rock indicates the shape of the orebody, how the rock will react when portions are removed through holes or tunnels, and how it will react when blasted and crushed.

“It can be used to find new ore zones and is critical to the safety and economic viability of a mine.”

The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada conference in Toronto is from March 3 to 6.

The IMDEX end-to-end solutions on show at PDAC (from the drill rig (drilling optimisation and downhole solutions):

  • xFORM™ – IMDEX’s multifunctional fluids range;
  • DeviDrill – An innovative directional core barrel based on the wireline core drilling technology used in exploration drilling. It drills the hole in a curve while at the same time collecting a 3m/10ft core sample, leading to the application name, Directional Core Drilling (DCD);
  • ACTx – Next generation digital core orientation tool; and
  • Survey tools: OMNIx™ and DeviGyro

To the core shed (optimisation software and in-field geo solutions):

  • LOGRx – The market-leading core logging solution, providing accurate structural measurements; and
  • pXRF – Delivers quality, reliable XRF data by ensuring optimised and auditable workflows, QA/QC protocols and data integrity, while providing a seamless and user-friendly software interface. The REFLEX XRF™ solution is available in a configurable deployment package; from stand-alone REFLEX CONNECT™ software for an existing device, to a complete XRF hardware

To the office (data management and analytics and orebody analytics):

  • HUB-IQ™ – Provides secure access to validated field data, which is seamlessly transmitted from a range of sub-surface instrumentation, analytical instruments and mobile form data inputs;
  • aiSIRIS™ – The leader in automated spectral mineralogy from hand held infrared spectrometers. Complemented by aiSWYFT, which builds on the several million, expertly labelled spectra in the database behind the aiSIRIS cloud-based AI spectral mineralogy solution. Allows standardised and repeatable results within minutes of uploading spectra; and
  • ioGAS™ – Leading exploratory data analysis software application developed specifically for the resources industry.

To the bench and underground working face (surface and underground mining solutions):

  • BHS™ – a multifunctional product formulated specifically for air drilling applications, particularly drill and blast applications. It helps prevent a wide range of down-hole problems including poor collaring, hole decay or sidewall instability, provides a degree of lubrication to the hole and will improve the lifting capacity of the air stream for cuttings transportation;
  • BLAST DOG™ – Semi-autonomous system for multi-parameter measurement of blast holes, which allows automated spatial domaining of material characteristics and fracturing in ore and waste; and
  • OMNIx™ and BOLT (underground) – Production hole survey tools for underground applications measuring blast hole deviation using a north seeking gyro.