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TOMRA Mining opens new office in Perth as Western Australia expansion continues

TOMRA Mining says it has strengthened its business in Western Australia with a new office in Perth, a new Area Sales Manager and a dedicated sales and service team

The move is predicated on meeting the rising demand for sensor-based sorting in the state and to be close to customers on the West Coast – the heart of the country’s mining sector. This is on top of its established office and Test Center in Sydney.

TOMRA Mining says it has a well-established presence in Australia with installations operating in a variety of applications including lithium, industrial minerals, polymetallics and gemstones. It has operated in the country since the 1990s when Ultrasort entered the market, before being acquired by TOMRA in 2009.

Over the years, its business has grown in response to the evolution in the industry.

“The diamond, lithium, tin, tungsten, battery and strategic minerals sectors, as well as other progressive sectors that are open to new technology, have driven sensor-based sorting into the main mining process flow and design,” Gavin Rech, Technical Manager at TOMRA, said. “The focus on environmental, social and governance, and on reducing energy consumption has further contributed to this trend.”

In order to meet the rising demand for its technology, TOMRA has decided to invest further in its operation in the country. It has strengthened its team with the appointment of Jordan Rutledge as Area Sales Manager for Australia, who brings to the team her experience and know-how.

Rutledge has worked on projects in North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. In the last four years, she has focused on North American projects for TOMRA Mining.

She said: “Western Australia is the heart of the mining industry in Australia, and with the uptake of sensor-based sorting in the sector we are seeing a fast-growing demand for our technology. We have a large number of projects and investment going into sensor-based sorting, and we are gearing up for many more opportunities, particularly in the battery metals space, with the unique solutions that we can provide lithium mining operations. With the new office in Perth, we can be on the ground and visiting our customers on the West Coast very quickly, as they are just a short drive or flight away.”

TOMRA Mining has also set up a dedicated team based at the new Perth office. Rutledg, in charge of sales, is joined by Project Coordinator, Gianni Mazzella, who runs TOMRA Mining large-scale projects. Also on the team is Adriaan Olivier, Service and Project Manager APAC, who has been supporting TOMRA customers in South Africa and Sydney for the past five years, as well as two Service Engineers – with two more to come later in the year. The team will be working closely with the Sydney office and Test Center, with the backing of TOMRA’s global support structure.