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UMCC banks Mineral Technologies’ MD Spiral Separators at Irshansk

United Mining and Chemical Company (UMCC), in Ukraine, has recently commissioned eight banks of Mineral Technologies’ MD Spiral Separators (models MG6.3 and HG10i) as part of the refurbishment of its Irshansk mineral sands operation, the Australia-based company reports.

Business Development Manager, Dale Henderson, said Mineral Technologies had worked with UMCC for several years and during this time had developed a solid understanding of the unique requirements of the Ukrainian site.

“We were delighted to welcome UMCC leaders to our head office earlier this year to inspect our spiral production facilities and discuss future plans for the mine site,” he said.

As a follow-up to delivery of the spirals, Henderson and Craig Vadeikis, Principal Process Consultant, visited the Irshansk site in September this year to review the equipment installation and commissioning.

General Manager, Metallurgy, Equipment and Technology, Alex de Andrade, said that by developing a deep understanding of customer operations and process objectives Mineral Technologies is well placed to identify the best process, equipment selection and key know-how to assist project success.

de Andrade said: “We congratulate UMCC on achieving final commissioning for their new mineral sands plant. It has been a pleasure working with UMCC throughout this process and we look forward to assisting in future operations.”