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Gekko Systems achieves commercial production milestone at Dolphin tungsten processing plant

Gekko Systems says the mineral processing plant to recover tungsten at the Dolphin Mine in King Island, in Tasmania, Australia, has now reached the commercial production milestone.

Group 6 Metals (G6M) contracted Gekko Systems to design, procure and construct a mineral processing plant for the recovery of tungsten at the mine back in 2021. The Gekko engineering team worked in close partnership with G6M to design the process flowsheet and, by mid-2023, the process plant achieved commercial production, operating 24 hours a day to process tungsten.

“We are proud to achieve commercial production of the Dolphin Mine Processing Plant on King Island,” Andrew Edmondston, CEO of Gekko Systems, said. “This project represents a remarkable achievement for Gekko, G6M and the entire team involved. The processing plant will undoubtedly contribute to the sustainable supply of tungsten and support numerous industries that rely on this critical mineral.”

The installation and commissioning of the processing plant were carried out by skilled workers from mostly regional Tasmania and Victoria.

An October 2021 presentation from King Island Scheelite, which has since become G6M, outlined a 400,000 t/y ore operation, producing 275,000 metric tonne units of tungsten oxide.

Gekko Systems partners with Quadra Chemicals to expand GoldiLOX leach reach

Gekko Systems says it has entered into an agreement with Quadra Chemicals Ltd to represent its GoldiLOX leach accelerant exclusively in Canada and the USA, and non-exclusively in Mexico.

GoldiLOX is an advanced leach accelerant able to, the company says, increase gold recovery while shortening intensive cyanidation times, making gold production a faster and more effective process. Compatible with all intensive reactors in the marketplace, GoldiLOX is either added as a single manual addition or by an automated chemical dosing system to the intense leach reactor.

“Gekko is pleased to enter an agreement with Quadra Chemicals to provide a cost effective and efficient leach accelerant, GoldiLOX, to our clients in Canada, the USA and Mexico to add further value to their projects,” Andrew Edmondston, CEO of Gekko Systems, said.

Ian Holden, Product Manager, Mining Group of Quadra Chemicals Ltd, added: “Partnering with innovative solution providers to the mining industry, such as Gekko, allows us to continue to provide technologies which will help to ensure our client’s competitiveness in the market. We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to working in collaboration with Gekko.”