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AspenTech out to advance levels of operational excellence with aspenONE updates

Aspen Technology has introduced new performance and sustainability capabilities available in aspenONE®, the company’s portfolio of asset optimisation solutions, spanning design, operations and maintenance.

Designed to accelerate customer digitalisation strategies and help customers achieve advanced levels of operational excellence, the new capabilities progress net-zero initiatives, empower engineers with enhanced artificial intelligence, improve asset health and performance, enable customers to achieve an integrated enterprise data management system and more, the company says.

Rasha Hasaneen, Chief Product and Sustainability Officer at AspenTech, explained: “AspenTech is committed to innovating with our customers and developing solutions to close the gap between available technology today and what is needed to achieve net zero. Optimising for efficiency and sustainability across operations is critical and these new capabilities make it easier for customers to overcome this challenge.”

New aspenONE updates help customers more quickly develop and implement reliable, impactful sustainability solutions, the company says. Updates also enable customers to extract insights based on operational data from across the enterprise, resulting in reduced inefficiencies and improved operational performance. Key among the new updates are an expanded set of models incorporating AI, as well as a number of integrations providing comprehensive access to operational technology data.

AspenTech said: “As customers progress toward their net-zero goals, the ability to ensure accuracy in their sustainability solutions and tackle complex problems is critical”

AspenTech’s modelling capabilities address both these challenges with new and expanded updates, including:

  • AspenTech’s library of sustainability sample models now contains more than 140 options to drive faster time-to-market for new processes and technologies. Incorporating industrial AI, the models help overcome execution barriers for sustainability projects, improve economics and support investments;
  • New high-fidelity models increase hydrogen and carbon capture model accuracy, extend from design into operations, and recalibrate based on changing process conditions; and
  • Support for green hydrogen initiatives is now available with out-of-the-box electrolyser models that help ensure safe operations of key equipment.

aspenONE also comes with new integrations to help customers centrally manage enterprise OT data aggregation, including:

  • AspenTech Inmation™, the company’s centralised data management system, now seamlessly connects to its historian, Aspen InfoPlus.21®, and its data visualisation solution, aspenONE Process Explorer™, to more easily identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks and production challenges from across the organisation;
  • AspenTech’s asset performance management solution, Aspen Mtell®, now includes out-of-the-box integration with AspenTech Operational Insights™ that provides configurable dashboards to inform strategy, optimise resource allocation and improve performance; and
  • In addition, AspenTech Inmation for Aspen Mtell provides native connectivity for quick integration with multiple, high volume data sources to enhance asset performance management and drive customers’ reliability programs.

Peter Reynolds, Principal Analyst, ARC Advisory Group, said: “AspenTech’s new release of aspenONE demonstrates breakthrough innovation with multiple AI-powered software enhancements designed to help industrial customers achieve operational excellence. AspenTech customers can now use their reconciliation and accounting software to track plant wide GHG emissions accurately and consistently to lower their carbon intensity. Moreover, the capabilities in this release make it easier to progress sustainability initiatives with sample models for carbon capture, hydrogen, battery recycling and more.”

AspenTech launches new solution aimed at cutting operational emissions

Aspen Technology has announced a new emissions management solution that, it says, gives asset-intensive organisations the ability to pinpoint and act on key operational areas with the biggest impact on their emissions reduction efforts.

The new solution features AspenTech Operational Insights™, a decision support capability that unites, correlates, analyses and visualises data from across an organisation for fast, confident decision making on those critical areas affecting emissions, the company said.

AspenTech’s new emissions management solution consolidates customer data and leverages operational technology applications in the plant, the enterprise and the entire value chain into a single, dynamic visual interface, it explained. As a result, customers can make decisions with the benefit of a “single pane of glass” view for carbon emissions, margin and abatement. In addition, the real-time nature of the solution eliminates the wait to review time-sensitive data.

Peter Reynolds, Senior Industry Analyst at ARC Advisory Group, said: “AspenTech’s emissions management solution addresses the need customers are focused on – the ability to better understand their carbon emissions exposure and to make that actionable for carbon abatement. This decision support capability, along with AspenTech’s digital twin and planning solutions, hits the mark for customers using digital solutions to progress sustainability goals.”

Rasha Hasaneen, Chief Products and Sustainability Officer at AspenTech, said: “Customers need more than greenhouse gas emissions reporting. They need a solution that can steer their actions to meet and exceed carbon mitigation targets. AspenTech’s existing solutions are uniquely capable of providing the breadth and depth of information required by executives and operators, and AspenTech Operational Insights gives them an additive solution to strategically help them achieve their net zero targets.”

AspenTech Operational Insights, originally developed for electrical utilities by the company’s OSI business and adapted for use in the energy and chemical industries, provides customers with:

  • Configurable and consistent interfaces and displays across video walls, consoles and mobile devices;
  • Consistent KPIs, logical maps and advanced geographical displays; and
  • Visibility across the value chain

The new emissions management solution is currently available as part of the latest aspenONE® software release, V14.