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JTMEC Powered by Epiroc steps up mine electrification offering with new electrical starter, eLV charger

JTMEC Powered by Epiroc, an Australia-based electrical contracting company providing specialised turnkey electrical services and products to mining and tunnelling industries, is launching a new range of products that, it says, will help to accelerate the electrification of mines going forward.

The company, which was acquired by Epiroc in 2022, has, first off, launched the new electrical Dual MineStarter™. This product is commonly used in underground mines to start drills, fans and pumps, but it can now support two applications, together with improving efficiency of operations and reducing costs for mines, the company says.

The Dual MineStarter has two outlets, a configurable design, combined with optional Wi-Fi routers and many other features that, the company says, makes it unique. It is also ideal to help mines move forward in the electrification of underground infrastructure.

The JTMEC MineCharger™ is a market-leading new charging unit designed specifically for underground battery-electric light vehicles (such as Toyota Landcruisers and Hiluxes). With an 80 kW output and the ability to connect directly to a 1,000 V underground system, it is the perfect solution to the challenging conditions encountered in underground mining environments and their fleet of supporting light vehicles, the company says. The JTMEC MineCharger is underground compliant, allowing Epiroc to extend electrification capabilities with customers across both underground and surface applications.

These two new products have generated customer interest not only in Australia but also in South Africa and across the APAC region, and will broaden the Epiroc portfolio of electric and BEV products, complementing the existing product offering and thereby helping to accelerate the electrification of mines, Epiroc says.

JTMEC Managing Director, Garry French, said: “Since Epiroc’s acquisition of JTMEC last year, the JTMEC business continues to grow, especially when it comes to tunnelling, and MineCharger and MineStarter are two perfect examples of enhanced capability and support provided by being part of Epiroc. This enables us to develop market leading electrical products for our customers, whilst also helping Epiroc accelerate electrification.”

The products are being shown at the AIMEX conference in Sydney, Australia, running from September 5-7.