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Dingo’s intelligence asset management platform receives update

Dingo has launched a completely redesigned intelligence™, powered by Trakka®, to, it says, empower customers to gain deeper insights into their asset health programs through data visualisation and reporting.

The release includes improved datasets where the underlying data model of intelligence has been expanded. In this release is the first observation related data. This data is used in the new Oil Cleanliness report, with additional fields are included on most reports, to allow for more filtering. The Oil Cleanliness report allows users to compare fluid particle cleanliness according to ISO 4406: 1999 guidelines, while providing the ability to evaluate and identify contamination entry points, by comparing bulk fluids with in-use fluids. It also allows users to manage and maintain high quality and contaminant free fluids.

All eleven existing reports have been updated to suit the layout and style produced for the two new reports. User interfaces are now intuitive and have been constructed to empower teams to review reports dynamically during meetings, with no data preparation required, Dingo says.

Alongside the Oil Cleanliness report is the newly introduced Benchmarking report, which provides users with the ability to compare component age achieved across sites and operations within the organisation. The report also assesses the statistical plots to increase predictability in when changeouts are occurring. Lastly, users can evaluate potential components for component life extension, or budget life increases.

The full list of reports include:

  • Summary;
  • Asset Health;
  • Component Health;
  • Reviews;
  • Open Actions;
  • Completed Actions;
  • Actions Count;
  • Breakdown Avoidance;
  • Financials;
  • Component Life Achieved;
  • Component Life Savings;
  • Benchmarking; and
  • Oil Cleanliness.

Mining energy benchmarking platform released for Canada’s miners

MiTRAQ and Natural Resources Canada have unveiled the Mining Energy Benchmarking Platform aimed at transitioning Canada’s mining industry to a low carbon future.

The platform enables analysis of power generation and consumption at mine sites and provides data-driven insight into energy use productivity, according to MiTRAQ.

Developed through the collaboration of MiTRAQ and Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetMINING subsidiary and the Office of Energy Efficiency, the platform provides mining companies with a multi-dimensional understanding of their relative performance within the industry to improve operations and increase their competitive advantage, according to MiTRAQ.

MiTRAQ ensure all data is secure, utilising the latest 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) tokenised data and military grade encryption. At the same time as this, only the mining company representatives can access their own raw data, making all outputs completely anonymous.

Miners with assets in Canada can start using this for free and, in the framework of cooperation, NRCan will subsidise licences so that mining companies can access the platform until June 2021.