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IMDEX sets BLASTDOG drill and blast tech on commercial course

IMDEX has announced what it says is a “major milestone” for its BLASTDOG™ drill and blast technology.

IMDEX BLASTDOG is a semi-autonomously deployed system for logging material properties and blasthole characteristics at high spatial density across the bench and mine and is commodity agnostic, according to the company. It has been developed in collaboration with Universal Field Robots and tested at mines in Queensland, Western Australia, Chile and Nevada (USA).

At an industry event today, IMDEX said BLASTDOG would move from engineering development to commercial prototype by the end of the year.

Progress was outlined to representatives from development partners from METS Ignited, as well as other mining sector executives.

IMDEX said there is already strong industry interest in BLASTDOG because of its capacity to deliver reliable, real-time data that will enable critical mine planning decisions to be made earlier, introducing greater efficiencies throughout the mining value chain.

IMDEX Chief Executive Officer, Paul House, said no other technology had the capacity to produce the same data and provide as large an impact on downstream processes, including enhancing productivity.

“It has the capacity to improve productivity, efficiency, and safety and is part of IMDEX’s internet of geosensing initiative, and will significantly increase mine to mill efficiency,” House said. “Moving to a commercial prototype is a significant development. We will work with prospective clients to ensure that when it is released IMDEX BLASTDOG will deliver the results, efficiencies, and safety that will be its trademark.”

Among the benefits of IMDEX BLASTDOG outlined by the company are the ability to:

  • Improve fragmentation;
  • Improve material and grade control;
  • Reduce geotechnical risk;
  • Reduce adverse vibrations;
  • Define ore boundaries and prevent ore waste;
  • Indicate reactive ground; and
  • Reduce fume, fly rock and vibration

IMDEX expands BLASTDOG drill and blast tech trials

IMDEX continued to advance testing of its BLASTDOG™ technology for drill and blast applications in the June quarter, with another two test sites near Brisbane, Queensland, established.

The company said it also accelerated progress with automated data and visualisation elements of the technology.

In an update almost a year ago, the company said it had carried out successful trials in Nevada, USA, and in Queensland, Australia, while it had additional trials planned in Chile and Australia in the first half of 2020.

BLASTDOG is a semi-autonomous system that helps optimise blasting based on high-resolution three-dimensional material models built from sensor data. It is aimed at helping miners get predictable fragmentation and determine ore and waste boundaries, and control vibration, dust, fumes and heave, the company says.

IMDEX is pursuing these developments as part of a METS Ignited project with Orica, Anglo American and Teck Resources.

Details of the latest BLASTDOG advancements came at the same time as the company released its 2020 financial year results.

These results showed off A$237.7 million ($171 million) of revenue for the year – with a record year-to-date revenue for the nine months ending March 31, 2020 – and EBITDA of $54.4 million.

The company said it had also seen an encouraging start to the 2020 financial year, with improving rental fleet numbers and continued strong industry fundamentals underpinning its growth.

Back in July, the company agreed to acquisition of AusSpec, an industry leader in automated mineralogy to the mining sector, in an A$8.5 million cash and shares deal.