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Bonfiglioli drives Transmin feeder hopper forward at iron ore operation

One of Transmin’s latest Bonfiglioli driven feeder hoppers is earning its worth at an iron ore operation where it is being fed by wheel loaders depositing 45 t bucket loads into the reclaimer hopper, after which it is transported at 2,500 t/h onto a stock yard conveyor.

The low-profile relocatable machines feature custom-engineered Bonfiglioli combination Trasmital planetary and HDO helical bevel drives that achieve high torque densities in a compact space, with a rugged capacity to cope with the shock and impact of intermittent loads, according to Bonfiglioli.

“Their reliability is further enhanced by alignment-free design and integrated heat protection,” the company said.

On the iron ore stockyard application, Phil Gilbert, Trasmin’s Director – Capital Sales and Business Development, said: “The whole reclaim hopper assembly in this instance weighed approximately 90 tons (82 t) when loaded onto the articulated heavy vehicle, mounted on a skid frame so the unit can be moved to other locations in the future if required.”

To facilitate the move and achieve compact performance, the system also incorporated a standalone electrical control system and an over-band tramp metal magnet located above the feeding conveyor belt to achieve a lower space requirement, according to Bonfiglioli.

To achieve 2,500 t/h, this particular machine is driven by a 150 kW electric motor driving a Bonfiglioli Trasmital 318L1 planetary and Australian-assembled HDO 130 helical bevel drive. This locally engineered unit – which drew on the expertise of Bonfiglioli’s Customer Application Engineering facility working with direction from Transmin’s specialist Engineering Division – achieves a final ratio of 186,357:1, delivering 193 kW at 1,500 rpm, with 188,790 Nm rated torque at 50°C (220 MW and 320,000 Nm maximum torque).

Bonfiglioli Western Australian Manager, Fred Whalley, said: “The helical and planetary drives are combined to extract the best performance characteristics of each type, so they can be integrated into a high performance, high torque density, optimum reliability compact unit that is further enhanced by forced cooling.”

Gilbert said the Bonfiglioli unit was selected for this job because of a combination of advantages, including competitive cost, good delivery times, reliability  ̶  “and an ongoing relationship we have with them, part of which is the excellent service we receive from sales through to back-up on site if required,” he said.