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Komatsu boosts productivity on P&H electric rope shovels

To maximise the performance of one of the hardest working pieces of equipment at a mine site, Komatsu has launched a new line of dippers for its P&H electric rope shovels.

The new TRC dipper series is named for the three design innovations that make up its next-generation technology designed to increase productivity, reduce total cost of ownership and enhance safety, the company said.

The three innovations include:

  1. A trapezoidal shape that maximises capacity without adding additional weight;
  2. A roller latch system and door that lowers door stress levels resulting in improved life and reduced rebuild costs; and
  3. A cast equaliser that provides up to 1.98 m of additional dig and dump height, creating more flexibility to keep up with changing mine plans.

These new dippers are designed to help mine operators improve productivity through a design that increases dipper volume, maximises full digging forces and provides reliable door opening and closing, Komatsu said.

“Total cost of ownership is lowered, compared to traditional dipper designs, through the use of components that will frequently last rebuild to rebuild and design factors that reduce wear,” Komatsu said. “Longer living components and a reduction in wear translates to fewer maintenance needs, to lower cost and drive for zero harm.”

Brian Fox, Vice President for Surface Products, Aftermarket and Technology at Komatsu Mining, said: “We’ve got a deep history of working closely with our customers in the mining industry to develop the tools they need to solve the unique challenges posed by mine sites.

“The design and technology built into our new TRC dippers is based on the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over 135 years in the mining business.”