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Carlson releases new laser scanning system for improved underground void mapping

Carlson Software has released the Carlson C-ALS HD auto-scanning laser system, the successor to the Carlson C-ALS Gyro.

This system sets new industry standards by offering enhanced visual inspection capabilities along with its accurate 3D underground mapping functionality, according to the company.

Equipped with an advanced high-definition camera and 874-lumen spot light on the C-ALS head, the C-ALS HD offers increased visualisation capability with up to 25 m of visibility, Carlson Software claims. Users can visualise in real time as the probe is deployed to spot obstructions and monitor deployment in underground environments. This new functionality provides unparalleled visibility, enabling professionals to identify and analyse potential hazards, structural issues, or areas of concern with the utmost precision and accuracy, the company claims

“The C-ALS has been the gold standard for inaccessible void mapping for more than 25 years,” Nuno Fernandes, Director of Carlson Laser Measurement Devices, said. “Carlson is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, and the C-ALS HD is a testament to that dedication.”

Key features of the Carlson C-ALS HD include:

  • A new slip ring drum that introduces quicker and integrated cable deployment;
  • An integrated high-definition camera to provide full HD (1,920 x 1,080) for photo and video;
  • Spot light visibility, which brings 874-lumen LED illumination to the void for added camera visualisation at distances up to 25 m; and
  • New joystick controls, which, when added into the included deployment software, Carlson Scan, provides free-motion control to inspect and locate points of interest.

Carlson, which is celebrating 40-years of innovation and service, says the C-ALS HD is among the list of new releases in 2023.