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DustGuard looks to clean up Australian mining market with WaterGasRenew distribution pact

DustGuard Corp, a provider of cloud-based protection and safety solutions for machinery and people operating in severe off-highway environments, has announced a strategic agreement with WaterGasRenew Pty Ltd as its exclusive distributor in Australia.

DustGuard’s namesake product, DustGuard™, continuously monitors the combustion air of high horsepower, off-highway engines for the presence of unsafe levels of dust particles that can reduce engine reliability and cause engine failure, the company says. DustGuard’s partnership with WaterGasRenew Pty Ltd will allow mining companies in Australia to benefit from reducing engine wear and damage related to dust intrusion, thereby improving fleet reliability and lowering engine repair or replacement costs, it says.

Jason Green, DustGuard Corp’s President, said: “We are very pleased to partner with WaterGasRenew in Australia. Their extensive experience in the mining industry combined with a proven track record of exceptional customer service will ensure that our technology delivers substantial improvements in fleet reliability for Australian mining companies operating in some of the most severe environments in the world.”

DustGuard was founded around the DustGuard engine protection solution. Other related technologies are being added to the company’s product lineup including CabGuard™, which monitors and alerts for dangerous particle, carbon monoxide, temperature and vibration levels inside operator cabs, and RoadGuard™, which monitors and alerts for haul truck vibration and g-load levels to protect tyres, suspension and frames while providing real time reporting of haul road conditions.

Bob Dixon, WaterGasRenew’s CEO, said: “We are privileged to be chosen to represent such an exceptional product and company. We have seen the DustGuard engineering team create unique solutions that satisfy both the technical and financial requirements of our customers. The DustGuard engine protection system is the first of a family of products that are designed to protect both current and future generations of mining equipment and operators. The Australian industry has always focused on the importance of safety, reliability and compliance and these principles are at the core of the DustGuard technology platform.”