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Windfall Geotek adds drones to AI-driven exploration tech offering

Mining technology services company, Windfall Geotek, says it has launched a new drone-based solution for artificial intelligence (AI) driven digital exploration in mining.

A services company using AI with a portfolio of gold, copper and zinc properties in Quebec, Canada, Windfall Geotek has been using AI and advanced knowledge-extraction techniques since 2005 in the mining sector. EagleEyeTM leverages this experience, it said.

Michel Fontaine, President and CEO of Windfall Geotek, said: “Our new services have allowed us to bring to market the survey, sensor, and AI-driven software for digital exploration. Our ability, in the mining sector, to find targets is directly tied to the quality of the source data we receive from our customers.

“EagleEye will allow us to work more closely with our customers, generating a better return for their investors with our CARDSTM AI-generated targets.”

Windfall’s CARDS (Computer Aided Resources Detection System) solution consumes open data from around the world to identify a high statistical probability of target identification within known areas of interest, the company said.

Don Moore, CEO of Playfair Exploration, a previous user of Windfall Geotek’s technology, said: “Windfall Geotek’s experience in collecting and analysing data has been proven over the past 15 years. We recently worked closely with Michel and his team on a great project in Finland.”

EagleEye will begin tests in mining sector with the acquisition and analysis of survey data. The company plans to partner with operators of leading surveying companies to obtain geophysical data and generate potential drill targets using drones, modified sensors, and the CARDS AI software system, it said.