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Orica’s Champ Navigator2 to offer high-density true vertical continuous survey measurement

Orica has announced the release of its latest Champ Navigator2™ technology, to enable operators to measure with greater accuracy in more orientations.

Champ Navigator2 is the latest iteration of Axis Mining Technology portfolio of engineering complex surveying measurements into driller operable hardware.

Orica’s purpose is to sustainably mobilise the earth’s resources, and precise knowledge of resource location is essential data that supports each phase of the value chain from exploration to processing. The accurate identification and orientation of every borehole serves as pivotal information in orebody characterisation and significantly influences critical operational processes such as mine planning, grade control, dilution management and blending.

Developed by Orica Digital Solutions in Tewkesbury, England, the Axis team have a track record of delivering innovative and integrated measurement solutions, Orica says. With a design ethos that goes beyond the measurement hardware to incorporate workflows to maximise driller productivity, the Champ Navigator2 is likely to be another product that drillers choose to use, delivering the survey quality that geologists demand, the company claims. The combination of this hardware with complementary software is expected to significantly accelerate and enhance mining workflows.

Champ Navigator2 enhances the standard Champ Navigator by offering high-density true vertical continuous survey measurement while significantly improving North-Seek azimuth accuracy and repeatability across all measurement modes. Adding high-speed, high-density vertical continuous surveying that does not rely on data interpolation leads to higher quality surveys and reduced survey times, improving both drilling productivity and survey quality, according to Orica. This improvement not only enhances productivity but also minimises standby costs for customers.

Orica Digital Solutions Vice President, Rajkumar Mathiravedu, said: “Orica Digital Solutions is continually expanding our offerings to solve more of our customers’ challenges, and Axis is at the forefront of this in the Orebody Intelligence space. Our global team of hardware and software engineers build the best-in-class user experience not just for the initial users of the tools or recipients of the data, but for any divisions who need the data for downstream operations.”

High-speed continuous survey capability is flexible to all drilling environments, underground or surface. Orica added: “Confidence begins at the collar with a measured North Seek azimuth and extends to the intuitive driller-friendly operating interface that supports effective survey execution.”

Mathiravedu concluded: “Orica has been shaping the future of mining for 150 years, and our digital solutions such as the Champ Navigator2 are a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation, safety and delivering value for our customers.”