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Railveyor, Mining Plus sign MoU focused on expanding mining’s material haulage options

Rail-Veyor® Technologies Global Inc has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mining Plus, a mining technical consultancy, to facilitate knowledge sharing between the two companies.

Mining Plus will gain a deeper understanding of Railveyor to conduct more comprehensive and accurate trade-off studies between material haulage methods, while the agreement provides Railveyor access to subject matter experts in automated material transportation at Mining Plus.

“Railveyor is a compelling material haulage solution for the mining industry, checking the boxes of decarbonisation, full automation and digital integration – among many other positives,” Railveyor says. “With over 150 mining professionals on staff delivering results to 630-plus clients globally, Mining Plus is well-positioned to expose the benefits of Railveyor’s TrulyAutonomous, energy-efficient, low-emission material haulage system to their customers.”

Railveyor Executive Chairman, Charles Gillies, said: “By partnering with Mining Plus, we believe Railveyor will continue to be a compelling material haulage option for projects around the world.”

Marco Alencar – Mining Plus – Manager Innovation and Growth, added: “Partnering with Rail-Veyor Technologies Global Inc represents an exciting opportunity for Mining Plus to further enhance our ability to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to the mining industry. This MoU will allow us to deepen our expertise in automated material transportation and leverage the advanced capabilities of Railveyor’s TrulyAutonomous, energy-efficient, low-emission material haulage system.

“As we collaborate and share knowledge, we aim to drive forward the industry’s goals of decarbonisation, automation, safety enhancement and cost reduction. Together, we can offer our clients cutting-edge solutions for the mines of the future.”