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FLSmidth to overhaul and update gyratory crushers at South America copper mine

FLSmidth is to deliver three Top Service Design (TSUV) gyratory crushers to a long-standing copper mining customer in South America, the OEM says.

This new order allows FLSmidth to overhaul existing equipment with newer crusher technologies to boost efficiency for the company, it says.

The order is valued at approximately DKK200 million ($28.3 million) and was booked in the September quarter, with the equipment expected to be delivered during 2024.

Under the agreement, FLSmidth will overhaul three existing gyratory crushers, which were originally also supplied by FLSmidth, with three improved and more efficient gyratory crushers with the improved TSUV. By installing these new gyratory crushers, the customer will benefit from increased efficiency as well as safer and simpler maintenance, FLSmidth says.

Two of the crushers will be installed in the existing foundations of the old crushers to minimise construction costs, while also limiting the environmental impact from the replacements.

Chris Reinbold, Products Business Line President at FLSmidth, said: “We really appreciate when existing customers return to us. We see this as a clear vote of confidence in the quality of our technologies and services. Enabling our customers to achieve more efficient copper production is essential to electrification and the green transition.”

In 2020, FLSmidth launched the new “digitally-enabled” TSUV Mark 5 Top Service Gyratory Crusher to deliver the lowest total cost per tonne of material processed, even when crushing the most challenging ore.

FLSmidth tackles the need for higher power, throughputs with new TSUV Mark 5 gyratory crusher

FLSmidth has launched a new “digitally-enabled” gyratory crusher to, it says, deliver the lowest total cost per tonne of material processed, even when crushing the most challenging ore.

In response to the industry need for higher power crushing and throughputs for lower-grade ores, FLSmidth has developed the TSUV Mark 5 Top Service Gyratory Crusher, the world’s most opex- and capex-efficient gyratory crusher, it said.

FLSmidth’s latest generation gyratory crusher, the TSUV Mark 5, follows the success of the Top Service (TS) and Top Service Ultra Duty (TSU) models.

The unique top-service design prioritises safety, maintenance and efficient crushing performance, FLSmidth says. Unlike other gyratory crushers that require workers to get in underneath the crusher to perform high-risk maintenance, the TS range allows service and maintenance to be carried out from above, increasing speed, safety and simplicity. Additionally, the 100-plus tonne, fully-dressed main-shaft no longer needs to be guided into the eccentric assembly by hand. “Now, the shaft aligns automatically, dramatically reducing risk,” the company says.

All TS gyratory crushers are built for strength, durability and the ability to adapt to the various requirements of mine operators, but the TSUV design adds even more power, capacity and flexibility, to give mine operators a low total cost of ownership, according to FLSmidth.

The improved power handling capabilities of up to 1,500 kW allow miners to process more material as ore yields decline, enabling operations to remain competitive, while the crusher footprint has only nominally increased.

Optimised eccentric speeds ensure maximum throughput without incurring excessive wear rates, the company says. This is a finely balanced equation, based on extensive R&D work, which, together with the new service and operational features, gives operators the lowest possible cost per tonne of material processed, it explained.

“To offer even greater potential to optimise performance, the TSUV Gyratory Crusher is digitally enabled – giving operators more control over operations and availability,” FLSmidth says. “The ability to make fine adjustments to wear compensation, track equipment trends and instantly detect crusher obstructions will enable increased uptime, optimum equipment life and significantly reduce risk of unplanned downtime.”

The TSUV Gyratory Crusher can be connected to FLSmidth’s digital ecosystem, which provides operators with the benefits of both FLSmidth technologies and experience. A range of services is on offer, geared towards maintaining asset health and optimising performance, many of which can be carried out remotely, saving both time and money, the company says.

The TSUV Gyratory Crusher’s advanced control system gives operators a 24/7 view of performance metrics, enabling increased reliability, FLSmidth says. And, with further condition monitoring feedback and controls, maintenance can be more proactive, minimising the risk of unscheduled stops.

“Through a combination of all these features, the TSUV Gyratory Crusher achieves the lowest cost per metric tonne in operation of any crusher on the market and gives you the lowest total cost of ownership,” the company says. “This translates into a reduced environmental impact.”

Chris Reinbold, Head of Global Product Line Management, Senior Vice President, Mining, said: “We remain steadfast in our aim to reduce emissions from mining to zero by 2030. Increasing the sustainability of key equipment, like the gyratory crusher, is part of our core goal to invest in efficiency-focused R&D, to deliver the best available equipment to the minerals industry.”