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Pioneer Solutions on the complexities of mining truck design and development

Developing a new mining truck is a large, complex task where numerous questions and challenges must be resolved, according to Christopher B Althausen, Director of Sales & Marketing at Pioneer Solutions LLC.

Althausen will be speaking at the upcoming Truck & Shovel Conference, in Singapore, on September 19, presenting, “Mining truck design and development: challenges, hurdles and solutions“.

During his presentation, he will do his best to answer these questions: How should the project be started? What design methodologies and standards should be used? What are the best strategies for technological advancements, autonomy, electrification and safety? How should manufacturing, prototyping, testing, and support be planned, executed, and managed?

While all these topics are important, his presentation will focus on two foundational design elements critical for developing a new mining truck with competitive, low cost-per-tonne performance: (1) developing an efficient, whole-machine concept and (2) designing reliable structural components.

To hear Althausen speak at the event – along with 17 other speakers – click here to register.