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Cokal secures HPU as contract miner for BBM coking coal project

Cokal has entered into a binding agreement with PT Harmoni Panca Utama (HPU) to provide contract mining services for development and mining of the Bumi Barito Mineral (BBM) coking coal project in Indonesia.

The ASX-listed company named HPU as the preferred tenderer to provide contract mining services for the project back in November.

The five-year agreement represents a significant milestone in Cokal’s strategy for the near-term development of BBM into an operating coal mine for minimal upfront capital costs, producing premium export quality coking and pulverised coal injection coal (PCI) products, the company said.

HPU will carry out contract mining of overburden and associated services, including project management, mine planning, surveying, supervision, site security, materials, equipment, equipment maintenance, labour, transportation, medical services, consumables and site infrastructure, Cokal said.

Use of contract mining provides significant strategic and financial advantages for Cokal, with the costs of these services linked to international coking coal prices, the company said. This is aimed at protecting Cokal’s operating margin through the cycle.

Cokal says it is now endeavouring to commence development of BBM in an expedited timeframe and is working with HPU on the necessary operational and logistical matters.

BBM is in the Central Province of Kalimantan and is Cokal’s most advanced project. It has a mining lease area of 14,980 ha and a remit to produce premium coking coal and PCI products for the nearby Asia steel markets.

Cokal drafts in PT Harmoni Panca Utama for contract mining at BBM coal project

Cokal Limited has selected PT Harmoni Panca Utama (HPU) as the preferred tenderer to provide contract mining services for the development and mining of Cokal’s BBM coal project in Indonesia.

Aahana Mineral Resources SDN BHD (Cokal’s largest shareholder), through its experience and influence in developing and operating coal assets in Indonesia, significantly contributed to the selection process, Cokal said.

BBM is in the Central Province of Kalimantan, and is Cokal’s most advanced project. It has a mining lease area of 14,980 ha and a remit to produce premium coking coal and pulverised coal injection products for the nearby Asia steel markets.

Through its Indonesian subsidiary, PT Bumi Barito Mineral, Cokal has agreed to contract HPU for a period of five years to provide services such as open-pit overburden removal, provision of the required mining fleet and associated equipment, and coal hauling from in-pit to near-out-of-pit intermediate stockpile facilities.

HPU, one of the largest mining services companies in Indonesia, Cokal says, has agreed to mobilise upon receiving notice from Cokal to do so.

“The appointment of HPU remains subject to finalising formal contracts,” Cokal said. “However, Cokal’s commercial team have negotiated the key commercial terms, which are substantially attractive for Cokal, thus providing the opportunity to achieve favourable profit margins to be enjoyed by Cokal shareholders.”

Cokal Jakarta-based Director, Karan Bangur, said: “The team we have brought together at Cokal have extensive experience in the start-up and logistical solutions for coal mines in Indonesia. They have first-hand experience with major contractors and have ensured this award has been concluded on competitive terms with a strong contractor.

“The use of contract mining enables reduction of upfront capital requirements for commencement of mining and expedites the development of BBM. The company looks forward to working with HPU to maximise value from the production of premium export quality coking coal and PCI products.”

Cokal and China Rail set out five-year plan at BBM coal project

Cokal says it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with China Railway 21st Bureau Group International Engineering Co (China Rail), to construct the infrastructure planned for mining at Cokal’s BBM metallurgical coal project in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

China Rail, a subsidiary of China Rail Construction Corporation (CRCC), has sent a team to the BBM site to carry out a site survey to finalise estimations for the costing of infrastructure construction to enable the parties to conclude a formal contract.

The MOU envisages China Rail carrying out road construction, jetty construction, and overburden stripping and coal mining at the BBM project, the ASX-listed company said.

The Bumi Barito Mineral project (BBM) is a PMA company with an ownership structure of 60% Cokal and 40% Indonesian owners. BBM has defined a total resource of 264 Mt comprised of 10.5 Mt measured, 13.5 Mt indicated and 240 Mt inferred Resources in accordance with the JORC Code 2012.

Road construction at BBM as envisaged in the MOU will be in two areas: 12 km of haul roads from the mine pits to the Krajan jetty to transport coal from both pulverised coal injection and coking coal pits to the Krajan jetty; and upgrading of an existing 55 km logging road to connect to 45 km road already in use leading to a jetty located at Lahung Tuhup, 160 km downstream of the Krajan jetty, bypassing the shallowest parts of the river.

In terms of jetty construction, two barge-loading jetties will be built. The first will be constructed at Krajan adjacent to BBM, and the second at the end of the 100 km haul road at Lahung Tuhup.

The construction of each jetty will incorporate a design to accommodate shallow draft barges, allowance for water depths in excess of 10 m during the wet season, a 1000 t/h barge loading conveyor, and coal handling and storage facilities.

China Railway will also assist in funding the capital investment related to overburden removal, coal mining and associated mine infrastructure including the provision of pit haul roads, sedimentation ponds, camp site facilities, clinic, workshops, fuel storage and mess room, Cokal said.

The MOU specifies a contractual period of five years with an option to extend for an additional five years based on mutual agreement between the parties.

In the meantime, Cokal has signed a barging term sheet with HSM Marine, a Singapore-based barging company with operations in Indonesia, the rest of South East Asia and the Middle East, to barge the coal from BBM.

Cokal’s new strategy to use contractor funding to commence construction, mining and barging has necessitated modifications to its five-year plan, it said. Commencement of the BBM mine construction will begin with China Rail initially constructing a 5 km haul road from Pit 2 (PCI coal production) to the Krajan jetty. At the same time, China Rail will construct a temporary barge loader suitable for initial production.