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Civmec to build foundations for key Iron Bridge processing equipment

Civmec’s Metals and Minerals division has been awarded a standalone civil contract to build the structural concrete components for the dry plant at the jointly-owned Iron Bridge magnetite project in the Pilbara of Western Australia.

The “Dry Plant Detailed Earthworks and Concrete” package was awarded by the owners of the project, Fortescue Metals Group subsidiary, FMG Iron Bridge Ltd, and Formosa Steel IB.

The project will see a new magnetite mine developed to support production of 22 Mt/y of high grade, magnetite concentrate product.

Civmec’s scope includes constructing the structural concrete components for the primary, secondary and tertiary crushing areas, screening areas, air classification and primary grinding areas, course ore stockpile, dry rejects, conveyors and all related earthing. It will involve over 350,000 cu.m of earthworks, the fixing of some 5,000 tons (4,536 t) of steel reinforcement and the placement of around 38,000 cu.m of concrete.

These works will employ over 200 of Civmec’s skilled workforce at peak, plus a commitment to engage with Local Aboriginal Enterprises, Civmec said, adding that the works will commence immediately with an expected completion in the March quarter of 2022.

Civmec’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Tallon, said: “Through our current delivery of works for Fortescue in the Pilbara, we have formed a strong working relationship built on transparency, trust and collaboration and reliable execution. Hence, we are extremely pleased to be given this further opportunity to continue to work with Fortescue on the Iron Bridge project.

“This is an exciting project of a very significant scale with a declared value for the overall project being $2.6 billion. The Iron Bridge joint venture has demonstrated and refined each step of the magnetite ore processing system and conducted full-scale trials to ensure the effectiveness of the process and gain confidence in the overall project success.”

This most recent contract award, combined with some other recent awards and scope increases on existing contracts, take the group’s current order book to circa-A$901 million ($625 million).

Belzona reinforces crusher foundations at Brazil copper mine

Belzona has used its own concrete repair and rebuild composite to keep a primary crusher operational at a copper mine in Brazil.

A common cause of wear in the mining industry can be vibration. This can cause eventual fatigue, resulting in cracks and a loss of material in operational equipment. It can also lead to premature failures in areas such as concrete foundations and their anchoring systems.

“Generally speaking, concrete can be considered too brittle and weak to absorb such constant impact and vibration transferred from the equipment,” Belzona said. “Once the concrete has failed, anchor bolts in the foundations can loosen, further aggravating the effects of the vibration on the foundation.”

A copper mine in Marabá, Brazil, found this to be the case with its primary crusher, according to the company, with the base of the primary crusher needing to be rebuilt due to weakening caused by vibration. The 3,000 t/h primary crusher weighs 336 t, is 9.5 m high and 5.6 m wide, contributing further to the amount of stress being put on the foundations, Belzona said.

“Being one of the biggest copper crushers in South America, and with copper being traded at around $6,000/t, every hour of shutdown can result in a loss of almost $20 million,” the company said.

A solution was required that could rebuild the foundation and bases of the primary crusher, while being able to withstand high dynamic and impact loads without shattering and breaking, according to Belzona. “Excellent mechanical properties and a fast curing time were also critical in ensuring the primary crusher would return back to service in as little time as possible.”

The solution used was Belzona 4111 (Magma Quartz), a high-performance concrete repair and rebuild composite.

Using an impact hammer drill, the first two layers of concrete were removed to reach the steel reinforcement structure.

“Particularly with concrete repairs, surface preparation is critical in its success,” Belzona said. ”The substrate needs to be free from contamination, free from excess moisture and any loose material needs to be removed.”

The area was cleaned and degreased with solvent and compressed air was used to remove the entire repair area of loose debris and dust. A conditioner was then applied to ensure an optimum bond between the substrate and repair materials.

The perimeter of the repair area was initially built up, later acting as a mould for a slurry mix of Belzona 4111. The material was able to level evenly to recreate a foundation at the base of the primary crusher, according to Belzona.

“The implemented solution offered resistance to high vibrations and dynamic loads due to its high mechanical strength. The system adhered to both metal and old concrete allowing for a homogeneous load distribution, without weak spots during the anchoring/grouting procedure and service,” the company said.

The assembly of the machine to the structure commenced in as little as four to six hours after application, according to Belzona, with a full return to service possible in some 16 hours.

“The fast turnaround time allowed the copper mine to continue its processes without a majorly disruptive or costly downtime,” the company concluded.

Specialising in erosion, corrosion and chemical protection, Belzona calls itself a world leader in the design and manufacture of repair composite materials and protective coatings for machinery, equipment, buildings and structures.

Putzmeister to show off value-added solutions at Bauma

The Putzmeister Group plans to present 24 machines and product solutions from construction and mortar technology on 2,600 m² of space at the upcoming Bauma fair in Munich, Germany, on April 8-14, it said.

The concrete pump manufacturer will be demonstrating the added value of its products in terms of safety, efficiency, connectivity, Human Machine Interface and service, it said, with visitors able to follow product videos and interactive presentations on pylons.

Martin Knötgen, CEO of Putzmeister Holding GmbH, summed up the new features at this year’s Bauma by saying: “We set benchmarks in efficiency, safety and connectivity. We give our customers the means to generate true added value with our products as effectively as possible.”

Putzmeister will be presenting the latest generation of truck-mounted concrete pumps with the M63-5, M36-4 and M51-5 type models. These are all geared towards providing increased efficiency, improved operating comfort and greater profitability.

Meanwhile, the new iLS concrete pumps (pictured) – set apart by its high conveying capacities even under extreme conditions – will also be on show. “Thanks to larger cylinder diameters and fewer strokes, they are low-wear and hence more durable,” the company said of the pumps.

FORMKRET, the automated shutter filling system, will also get an outing. This system reduces personnel expenditure in the prefabrication plant and, for tunnel shuttering work, increases application safety and shortens project lead times. Putzmeister’s pioneering concepts for the prefabrication industry, in the form of the Autocor® modular system, will also be shown off.

At the show, Putzmeister will offer perspectives for a digital future. “On the Putzmeister exhibition stand, visitors can enjoy a live experience: In the clever machine cockpit, all relevant machine data are shown in real time,” the company said.