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New SICK LMS111 conveyor belt tool measures up the competition

SICK has extended its LMS Bulkscan laser scanner offering with the SICK LMS111 measurement tool, allowing more users to benefit from continuous monitoring of volume and mass throughput of bulk materials on conveyor belts.

The LMS111 Bulkscan provides highly-accurate, delay-free volume and mass flow measurements to maximise throughput of a wide range of bulk materials including gravels, sands and cements, according to the company.

Compact, and easy-to-integrate, it can be designed into new lines or easily retrofitted on to existing conveyors.
It is a cost-effective alternative to a conventional beltweigher, SICK says, offering wear-free, low-maintenance advantages of non-contact, real-time measurement. The multi-echo, time-of-flight laser scanning technology enables a reliable output of the material’s volume and mass flow, while the material’s centre of gravity is continuously monitored to help avoid uneven loading and resultant belt wear.

Darren Pratt, SICK UK’s National Product Manager for Industrial Instrumentation, said: “The new SICK LMS111 Bulkscan presents a value-added alternative to a standard belt scale and is a robust and consistent performer even in dusty production environments or when mounted behind glass.

“By measuring the load height profile every 20 milliseconds, the LMS111 Bulkscan delivers an accurate, continuous profile measurement. It then works out the volume of the material using the belt speed which can be provided as a fixed value or input via an encoder in the case of a variable speed belt. The mass is computed from the volume and a known density of the material.”

Volume is more important than mass for many production processes, according to Pratt. This makes Bulkscan an ideal alternative to beltweighers in conditions where the density of material changes significantly.

The LMS111 Bulkscan is easy to install and set up in a vertical (nominal 5°) alignment for accurate profile measurement, according to SICK. Using the pulsed, time-of-flight laser measurement system with a 190° wide field of view, the unit can be applied to the narrowest and widest conveyors.

The instrument outputs three analogue signals via the BAM100 processing unit accessory, or delivers three digital signals that can be assigned to a bulk quota or for condition monitoring. A TCP/IP interface ensures connectivity with a PC, factory SCADA and PLC communications networks.

The unit measures only 152 mm x 102 mm x 105 mm, so is easy to install in a wide variety of locations. It can be mounted up to 10 m above the conveyor, while ambient operating conditions range from +50°C to -30°C. Environmental protection is rated at IP67.

SICK says the LMS111 complements the LMS511 Bulkscan PRO which provides additional measurements and is designed for operation in more challenging dusty and dirty conditions, including the most arduous ambient conditions.