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Vehicle-agnostic MiC 4.0 BUS data interface and protocol to debut at Bauma 2022

A new universal, uniform and manufacturer-independent data interface between attachment tools and construction machinery, which also has potential in a mining environment, will be presented at Bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany, next week.

The new MiC 4.0 BUS, which was nominated for the bauma Innovation Award 2022, enables simpler work processes through barrier-free and direct data exchange between attachments and machinery, the consortium developing the protocol says.

Together with the agreed data protocol, it enables every attachment to communicate unambiguously, and without additional devices, with every construction machine, regardless of brand and manufacturer. It was jointly developed by the participating companies in the attachment cluster of the MiC 4.0 Machines in Construction working group and will now be presented live at Bauma in the LAB0 innovation hall, from October 24-30.

Users of attachments and construction machinery can simplify their individual work processes by using the MiC 4.0 Bus to enable direct and uniform communication between the machines without having to resort to isolated solutions, detours or third-party tools, the consortium says. They do not need additional displays or external technology, as they can exchange all agreed data with the MiC 4.0 protocol.

The responsibility in which form and under which framework the MiC 4.0 bus is used remains with the respective actors such as the OEMs.

“This MiC 4.0 BUS is, thus, the technical basis for a well-functioning plug-and-work solution and enables any direct communication between attachments and construction machinery,” the consortium says.