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ORBCOMM to significantly reduce IoT solution power consumption with OGx

ORBCOMM has announced the enrichment of its managed network offering with the launch of its next-generation satellite IoT service, OGx, featuring innovative network capabilities that, it says, will bring powerful, more affordable IoT solutions to market across low-, medium- and high-data usage applications in industries such as mining.

Today’s release initiates the network’s rollout, featuring patented technology that significantly reduces IoT solution power consumption, the company says. This will enable IoT solutions to either match traditional performance at lower costs or exceed it at the same cost.

The OGx network joins ORBCOMM’s end-to-end industrial IoT managed network technology ecosystem, which includes satellite and terrestrial services, IoT devices and data analytics platforms.

OGx applications range from optimising agricultural production and enhancing cargo safety to ensuring responsible fishing practices and reducing the environmental impact of resource extraction. IoT solution providers can use OGx to drive new revenue streams and growth in high-value industrial markets, the company claims.

“OGx combines innovation with affordability to deliver a state-of-the-art IoT service, further enhancing our ability to provide efficient connectivity and secure data flow throughout our IoT network infrastructure,” Dave Roscoe, ORBCOMM’s EVP/GM, said. “OGx embodies our mission by empowering systems integrators and solution providers to develop IoT applications that help their customers improve productivity, reduce waste and increase sustainability.”

With over a decade of experience operating its previous-generation IsatData Pro (IDP) satellite service, ORBCOMM developed OGx to maintain its standards of near-global connectivity, comprehensive regulatory compliance and industry-leading development tools, resources and support. OGx leverages existing network infrastructure with new technology that efficiently taps its full potential.

ORBCOMM value-added reseller AMCi Wireless has already seen power efficiencies while testing OGx in the oil and gas industry, according to Michael Carton, AMCi’s CEO.

“What has been remarkable in our early testing is the power savings,” Carton said. “We have already seen lower power usage and we expect this will get even better as we roll out OGx across our service offerings. OGx will be central to our industrial digitalisation initiatives because lower power consumption will lead to continuing savings and will help streamline facility processes and procedures with visualisation for enhanced automation, productivity and asset utilisation.”

The OGx network’s unique design can help considerably reduce the power consumption of terminals compared with those on the IDP network, according to the company. The power savings help enable solution providers to reduce hardware costs – by using smaller batteries, solar panels, power supplies and enclosures – or increase message frequencies and reduce latencies using the same hardware.

The network is compatible with ORBCOMM’s existing ST-series of IoT devices with a local or over-the-air firmware upgrade, so users can take advantage of the new service without requiring new hardware.